Women in computer science

If you think of computer science jobs, then you often think of men sitting behind computers typing all day and working on servers. The unfortunate truth is that there are woefully few women seeking computer science degrees. Many experts believe that this is due to how society views IT workers, but others believe it’s because women aren’t exposed to the possibility of a tech job early in life.

Computer science decline

When it was first reported in 1985, there were a large number of women who were computer science graduates. About 37 percent of these graduates were women. It would seem logical to assume that more women would seek similar degrees, but the opposite is true.

The number of women graduates plummeted. Even though women receive more graduate degrees overall, the number of those seeking computer science degrees has dropped throughout the years. Only 22 percent of graduates were women in 2005, and it dropped even lower to 18 percent in 2010.

Sudden changes

While this degree has declined in terms of female participants, there has been a radical change in 2013. There are now 42 percent more female workers in the tech industry, and more women are enrolling for computer science degrees.

Some experts believe that the influx of modern technology has caused this change. Others believe that the successful women in the tech industry are showing that females can thrive in this business. For example, Ginni Rometty was recently named the CEO of IBM in 2011.

Best colleges

There are three colleges in particular that received many female students. About 21 percent of the students at Standford who are enrolled in the computer science program are female. MIT has about 30 percent female students, and Carnegie Mellon has 32 percent.

All of these colleges are looking for a more equal number like 40 percent to 50 percent, but this still shows that a massive change is occurring in the computer science field.

Men have largely dominated computer science for many years, but things are starting to change. Women are entering this industry, and both colleges and companies couldn’t be happier.


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