7 Facts you didn’t know about online colleges

Online education is on the rise. Online colleges are highly-regarded institutions, and they offer online courses and degrees to individuals who are interested in obtaining higher education. There are several reasons that many people are choosing to attend online colleges. Here are seven facts you probably didn’t know about online colleges.

Access to education

Colleges that offer online courses make learning available to people who would not otherwise be able to obtain the education they need. Through the availability of distant learning offered by online colleges, individuals who live far from colleges are able to have the same educational opportunities as people who have traditional brick-and-mortar colleges in their area. For individuals with competing commitments like family and work, taking online classes may be the perfect way to obtain or continue an education, no matter the degree level they are seeking.


Although schools and instructors vary in quality at both traditional and online colleges, as a general rule, traditional colleges and online ones are comparable in quality. In most colleges, the same instructors teaching the online classes are teaching the traditional classes. The online classes use the same curriculum and course materials and are just as rigorous as traditional colleges. In fact, more writing is often assigned to students in the online learning environment.

Advanced technology

Many online colleges use the latest technology, and this makes online education more exciting each year. Students in online classes use web-based video, instant messaging, live chat rooms, sophisticated collaboration tools. Teachers use technology to present course materials, lectures and tests. They offer prerecorded lectures and real-time lectures as well. Students access these lectures and course materials using their computers.


Online colleges are convenient and easily accessible. You can work around your own schedule at a pace that is best for you, at any virtual location. Online colleges offer an environment that is less intimidating than traditional colleges, and students do not experience classroom distractions. Additionally, the learning method makes collaboration among students more comfortable.

Low cost

Online colleges provide numerous financial benefits to students. Online colleges are less costly because students don’t have to incur transportation costs, and they can take classes while holding a job and taking care of their other obligations. You can save on fuel, driving time, and parking fees.

Enhanced learning skills

Attending online colleges is a great opportunity for students to interact with people in other parts of the world and at the same time improve their computer skills. You can learn something about other cultures without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Online colleges also offer students the opportunity to get acquainted with different online resources, databases and methods. Online colleges can increase a student’s communication and time management skills as well as rate of productivity In addition, students can choose from a wide variety of courses and many degree programs.


The popularity of online colleges is growing rapidly for several reasons. Online colleges are a great alternative to traditional colleges, as they provide the same curriculums and offer similar courses. They have many benefits, especially for individuals with circumstances that may prevent them from obtaining their education through traditional means.

Today’s guest post was written by Jesse L., blogger for 2 Year Degree. Jesse earned a perfect 800 on the Math S.A.T. and is currently studying Computer Science at Stanford University.

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