Three reasons your students should keep a planner

Good habits are instilled in us during our youth. That’s why it’s important to teach children from a young age the importance of responsibility and independence. When little boys and girls are still stumbling through their early years, there isn’t much in their world outside of naptime and macaroni necklaces.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t start them on the right path to success early on. A great way to teach kids a little self-sufficiency is by setting up a schedule and maintaining it. Here are three reasons you should make daily planning a part of your fledgling students’ routine:

  1.  Organization and efficiency: Knowing how to manage a schedule and keep organized is a vital tool as you get older. Throughout the days of K-12 education and well into adulthood, organization is necessary to juggle all that life throws your way, whether it’s a homework assignment, a soccer match or a business meeting. It’s necessary to teach children and young adults the importance of meeting their commitments and following through with what they have planned; such ideas of accountability are long lasting and useful in the grand scheme of things. Maintaining a calendar is a great way to create habits that promote such responsible behavior.
  2. Less stress and greater control: No matter your age, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that goes on in your life. While you’re in school, your time is divvied up between homework, afterschool activities and athletics – all on top of any social or personal obligations. But if a student knows how to keep an organized calendar, they can better plan for what’s ahead and pace themselves with work and extracurricular activities, which will inevitably lead to greater control over their life. And when you feel in control of your life and what’s going on around you, you feel less stress. Who doesn’t want to see their students happier and a bit more relaxed?
  3. Creativity and education: Schedules can truly be a useful education and reference tool for children and young adults. If you’re looking to invest in bound planners to pass out to your students, you can often find student calendar books that include pullout information on mathematics, language and science, such as those offered by Meridian Planners and Student Datebooks. Easy-to-access reference sections could prove invaluable to young pupils. And if you’re looking for something to inspire and energize young minds, many companies offer brightly colored and customizable planners.

Whether you’re tutoring a group of five or leading a classroom of 25, it’s important to equip young people with the skills they will need to thrive in life. Keeping a planner and teaching good habits now will only pay off in the end.

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