Keeping your employees committed and happy

Engaging employees is vital for any business, big or small. When your employees are committed, they deliver exception performance levels, thrusting your company forward and ahead.   Unfortunately, in today’s era, a large majority of your employees are mostly interested in getting money in their bank accounts, and not bringing anything to the table. The reasons can be enormous: maybe they don’t like the work, their boss, believe they get a lower salary package or think that their hard work is not rewarded appropriately.

How does all this affect you as an employer? Dissatisfied employees cannot contribute to team efforts and cause stagnation, which can destroy your company from the inside. Thus, you should bring about some employment innovations that engage your team, making them more determined to play their part.

Give them what they want

One of the best employee motivation strategies is to give them what they want. Yes, you may already be providing them with all necessary training, tools and support they need from their managers. But many times, this fails to be enough. Talk to your employees, figure out their interests, and assign them to projects they like. All along be clear of what you expect from them.

Some of your employees may ask for non-work related things such as flexible timings or additional leave. If you can meet their needs, they will be more eager to work for you.

Award them recognition points or monetary incentives

If a team member puts in extra efforts or achieves a difficult goal in a short amount of time, you can award them some recognition points. When your employees have collected enough of these, let them trade the points for custom merchandise such as books, diaries, bespoke drink bottles, laptop bags and the like. You can also offer more valuable products like a tablet, phone or home appliance for employees who accumulate a huge number of points.

In addition to recognition points, you can also add some monetary incentives if they meet specific goals.

Define a career path for them

Your employees are more engaged when they know their efforts today can turn into something big tomorrow. Let your employees know how they are contributing to your business and can grow in their current position.

Make them see the vision

If an employee knows they are making a worthwhile contribution, they are more likely to do well. You may have already shared your company’s vision with them, but your employees also need to know how their particular duties align with the overall purposes of the business. When they can understand why they do what they do, they can engage more collaboratively and work better as a team

Be transparent

Be transparent with your employees, and build trust. Do what you say, and say what you do.

Add some fun to the workplace

How often do you have corporate lunches, dinners and outings? Make workplace fun, and hold an event once in a quarter or so. When you employees are happy, they are more energised and can deliver better.

Author: Eva Davis




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