10 Great websites for educational resources and notes

Education and knowledge are simply what they are. Either you know it or you don’t and in real life, where you acquire knowledge often doesn’t matter so long as you get the job done. There has been a drastic change in the pattern of education over the last few decades. Moreover, after the prolific use of the Internet, online education practice is also on the boom. There are many Education websites which provide some quality data for students. Students all over the world use these notes and educational data, to learn what they cannot in their school. Nowadays these websites also have interactive flash pages to make the students understand the topic easily and more effectively. They also upload videos, so that some topics which are a bit complicated can be made to understand quickly.

There are many websites which provide Open Course Ware. The online education and notes system were first started by MIT University when they collected the data from around 2000 universities and made them online on their web. This was an important revolution in this field. Open education resources have grown in number after that and are constantly doing a great job in this field.
Some of the prominent Education websites are:

1. Wikipedia: This is one of the most used websites when it comes to getting information. It was created in the year 2001 and boasts around 470 million users currently. Each day millions of people hit this website just to seek information and get knowledge. It is updated daily, in fact, you can say hourly or even less as any user can contribute to its knowledge base.

2. Khan Academy: It is also an educational site which contains around 4000 videos and other stuff. The best thing is that Khan Academy is a non-profitable organisation and its only goal is to provide world-class education for free to anyone living anywhere.

3. OpenStudy: It is a social networking forum where learners or students from all around the globe can form a study group. Here, the students can help each other and solve their problems when they are working on the same content.

4. P2PU: P2PU stands for peer 2 peer University. It is an open education platform where the students can learn and it also recognises the students for their achievements. This organisation also provides high-quality learning at a low cost.

5. NIXTY: It is a website which connects teachers, students and institutions from all around the planet on a single platform. It provides student management system functionalities via social networking. It also supports file sharing which makes it a bit different.

6. Open tapestry: It gives access to the students, teachers from all around. It provides a special feature that you could upload a video explaining any topic yourself. You can also build your own pages using the given templates and contribute to any online topic.

7. Connexions: It is a place where the user can view or share the educational materials which are formed from small data called chunks. Then, they are being organised and used in books, magazines, etc.

8. iUniv: This is a Japanese organisation that is working on developing mobile apps and web tools so that students from all around can have access to their videos and tutorials. They also can share the data to Facebook, twitter, etc.

9. Flat world knowledge: This is an online inventory of books. This was started by a book publisher whose books were published under an open source license. In this way, people can edit the books according to them before buying it. Also, students can read online books for free.

10. CK-12: It is an online website which has a large number of online videos and data. You can get instant feedback and track your progress online.

These are some of the excellent resources you can use to facilitate learning outside the school curriculum.

About the Author:

This article was written by Zoe Walker. She is a career counsellor whose passion is to encourage students to be their best academically. She recommends this resource for trends in African educational system.

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