3 Big advantages to earning RN degree via Internet

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If you’re an emergency medical responder, you probably love the fact that you can make a direct – and big – impact in the lives of people every single day. However, many of these busy professionals only work part time, or even volunteer their hard work.

One way that you can take your propensity for helping others in a medical capacity to a full time level is to go from a paramedic to RN online. There are degrees available from companies like Capella Education Company and The College Network that can help you use the knowledge and schooling you already have to transition to a new role.

Here are three big advantages to an online paramedic to RN program.

1) It is often far more affordable than other kinds of colleges

One of the biggest concerns for many people is the mere cost of an education. It isn’t uncommon for a typical university degree to cost tens of thousands of dollars (even state schools!), so it makes sense that a lot of us forgo the extra learning for this reason.

One big advantage to doing your courses on the web is that it is much more affordable than learning on campus, in fact, in some cases, it can be as much as 50 percent less!

The reason for this is that professors don’t typically need to spend as much (if any) one on one time with students or at a physical campus. Also, there are no fees like room and board or meal plans since you don’t live at school. This adds up to huge savings.

Even if the reduced price of virtual academia is too steep, there are financing options available to make it more manageable. 

2) You can begin as soon as you are ready

Many prestigious schools have waiting lists if you want to get into their upper echelon programs. However, this isn’t the case when you are learning virtually. You can start right away, or very soon after you apply.

3) The schedule is flexible because it’s via Internet

Another big problem with college is that adults often have “grown up” responsibilities, including children, elderly parents to care for, and/or a full time job. As a result, it can be hard to find time to drive to and from a physical university and sit for hours each week – let alone complete homework.

Doing everything – including the class participation itself – online allows you to upgrade to an RN or other nursing degree on your own time. You can do this after work, in the mornings, or all of the weekends, if you prefer. You have the power and control over how to fit academia into your schedule, rather than having to plan your life around it.

Adam is interested in switching from a paramedic to RN online. He had to do some research but was lucky enough to find all the information he was looking for at

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