Technology and its impact on special needs children

As the world continues to become more organized around technology, sectors like education continue to benefit. In particular, members of society like students with special needs have been able to truly make the most out of technology. Technology has better facilitated the learning process for special needs children. These children are now able to feel like they can engage in the learning process and enjoy every part of it.

Special needs students also now are beginning to see themselves as no different from other students. Tablets and laptops allow special needs children to be placed in the same classroom with other students. They do not have to leave a classroom to go use a piece of technology. As technology has become more compact and transportable, special needs children have been able to make full use of it in their daily lives.

Those students who have hearing impairments can also benefit from the latest advanced in technology. Students who have hearing problems are now able to use audio loops or a hearing aid to be able to listen to programs. There are even computer systems that make use of infrared technology so that hearing-impaired students are able to get the most out of their educational experiences.

There are also other types of systems that have been designed to assist special needs students. A special needs student may make use of a braille system so that he or she can read through textbooks. Braille systems may now also help special needs students to take notes during important lectures.

Because there are so many benefits that technology can offer to special needs students, it is important for schools to do whatever it takes to implement technology into programs. Schools should receive a greater portion of federal funds so that they are able to purchase the latest technology for special needs children. It is about time that we show special needs children that they are part of the educational community and have a right to fully engage in the learning process. The rights of special needs children require that they have great technology available to them.


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