What does it take to become an online expert?

The Majority of us view working as a chore and don’t particularly enjoy getting out of bed on a morning. This would be much different if you were in control of your own destiny. Being an online expert or a freelancer as some like to put it, gives you the flexibility and ability to be in control of every aspect of your business.

All you have to do is present yourself in a confident and assured manner online and the business should come rolling in. Ok it isn’t that simple, but it’s not difficult I assure you. The difficulty comes when trying to hone the talent you have to a level that is so rare employers will be desperate for your services.

There are many ways to present yourself online but only a handful attracts the right level kind of employer. This article will highlight what it takes to become a successful online expert and what you need to do to convey the right image.


It is like anything in life, if you are confident in yourself and what you do then people will believe it. I know it is a farfetched example but people adored leaders such as Hitler because he was inspirational and confident. I’m not saying be a modern day Hitler but get passionate about your expert talent because I guarantee you it will help the business come through the door (or email).

Confidence mustn’t be mixed with arrogance, if you think your talent is above your competition and thus your prices reflect that then you will not get business. We are in a period of economic downturn; a certain degree of pride swallowing will be needed in order to propel yourself to the heights you need to reach.

Be the best

This is the most self explanatory of points but one of the most important. You have to be the best there is in your field in order to gain the level of custom you need to make your freelance job worthwhile and credible. It is important that you don’t get complacent, if you start to see the clients coming in then don’t bump your prices up, stay level headed and ensure the service you provide is second to none.

It is the reputation you create that will get you the clients and at the end of the day, you are the expert so providing such a service should come naturally to you, right?

A knowledge of the market

It is very important that you know the market you are held within like the back of your hand. Deep industry knowledge is pivotal, if someone offers the same service as you for half the price, a rethink would certainly be in order. Using companies such as will give you an advantage within the market.

They give you a very simple to use, blank canvas from which you can convey what it is you offer to the paying world. The simplicity of this website is endearing and gives you a strong feeling of reliability. There are no hidden charges or selfish undertones, they make their money in other ways.

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Andrew is an author with other 10 years industry experience. He loves to write advisory pieces aimed at budding freelancers.

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