Why is social networking crucial for rapid learning?

social media in education

In the last ten years, social networking has completely changed the way students interact for learning. Social media has enabled the students to interact with their class fellows and teachers anytime. A recent study informed that more than 90 percent of students are satisfied with social networking websites for learning process. It also informed that about 65 percent students stated that social networking websites has made their study load lighter. However, if you are a student and also willing to lighter your academic burden, then you devote some time on social networking. Drive through the information shared below to learn why social networking is essential for rapid learning.

Are you online learner type?

If you are still considering taking online course or getting a degree, here are some of the most important points that you should consider deciding.
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Relation between proper e-waste disposal and green environment


With the rise in the invention of the new electronic devices, e-waste is becoming one of the rapidly growing problems of the world. E-waste contains toxic material that can affect to both human health and the environment if not disposed in a proper way. In 21st century, all countries engage in activities that ensure a secure environment by proper use and disposal of electronic devices. Proper e-waste not only keeps the environment healthy, but also stables the economy.

4 quick healthcare certifications to start your career right away

medical assistant in lab

At one time, if you wanted to be part of the healthcare industry, you could almost count on going to college for several years. Today, that is no longer the case, because there are many healthcare careers available. Many of these careers require only completing short-term programs and obtaining certification. Learn about these four quick healthcare certifications that will jump-start your career.

High education top tags

While colleges and universities struggle to balance big bills with slashed budgets and endowments, tuition continues to go up and up.
Take a look at some of the heaviest price tags in higher education, driving more and more students online and to community college.

The Heaviest Price Tags in Education

Software that can improve your writing

writer on lap top

This article presents to you software that can help improve the written quality of your work. It cannot make you a better writer because that takes more than a bit of software, but it can help you follow the rules of written English a little better.

Just be aware that there is no substitute for learning the rules of written English yourself, because only in this way you will be able to take full advantage of the software and services listed below. The list is in the order of the services or software that makes your proofreading job the easiest–starting with the one that makes proofreading very easy.

Take a loan, but spend it wisely!


College can be a tough time.

You’re out on your own for the first time, but you don’t have a real job yet. Unfortunately, it’s a time a lot of college kids start to rack up debt. And sometimes the debt stays with them way too long.