Why should kids blog?

10 Positive Benefits of Blogging for Kids

Discover the positive benefits of blogging for kids by Dr. Patricia Fioriello at her web page http://www.kidslearntoblog.com.
Find out how blogging improves communication, writing skills and an understanding of the world and different cultures, plus much more.

4 Tech tools that boost learning


In today’s world of technology, more and more students are using tech tools for smart learning. Technological tools are facilitating students with learning methods that are not feasible with conventional ways. Now students can collaborate with their teachers and class fellows in a digital way. Both students and teachers can enhance their class performance by implementing the latest tools of technology in class activities. If you are a student or teacher and hunting for something that will enhance your learning, then you should read about the latest technologies shared below.

Face ‘What’s your weaknesses?’ question with confidence!


So you have managed to sell your strengths to the interviewer, but what now?

Well, now comes the time for the most dreadful question, ‘What in your opinion are your weaknesses?’

This is one of those questions that have been terrifying a number of individuals, especially the fresh graduates who have no prior experience of tackling such simple-sounding yet perplexing interview questions.

You cannot say that you do not have any weaknesses, as this would make the interviewer think that you are being over smart. Even if you do mention about any weakness of yours, you never know what weakness backfires and end up costing you an interviewer as well as a lucrative job.

Learn with modern technologies to achieve better results


The 21st century classroom is not an ordinary classroom anymore.

Today classes are surrounded with digital whiteboards and innovative devices that are changing the way students learn. Teachers are also making greater use of modern technologies to teach students in-depth about their topic. Modern technologies have enabled the students to learn in an interesting way that was not possible with the conventional approach to teaching. If you’re a student and looking for something that will help you to learn effectively, then you’re on the right platform. Read the information shared below to know how digital technologies will change the way in which you learn and create better opportunities for you.