Flip your classroom in 6 steps

If you wanted to know which are the best flipping of the classroom tips, have a look at the infographic below and tell us about your experiences in teaching today.

The 6-Step Guide To Flipping Your Classroom

Innovative online reading experience with e-books

e-book Today uncountable students are turning toward e-books to make their reading process innovative. This is why the demand for electronic books is continually rising from the side of the students. We all know that an e-book is a book in electronic format which runs on different portable devices. It is easily downloaded from the Internet to a PC, notebook, tablet, smart phone or any other portable device. Once you download it, then you can read a number of interesting books on the screen of your portable device. It also carries a page number, table, graphs, and images, just like a paper book. However, if you are also wondering to switch your way of reading from paper books to electronic books then you’re taking a smart decision.

Learning languages


Learning a new language can be tempting, and some languages are learned faster than others.

For the native English speakers, the difficulty level of learning a new language depends on a variety of factors.
So which are the most difficult languages to learn and which languages would you be able to master in under a year?

View the infographic below and let us know if you agree.

Via: Voxy Blog

Types and costs of online schools


types and costs of online schools
Since the arrival of the internet technology, schools providing online education around the world have been a fast growing sector in the industry of online commerce. In fact, a majority of potential students can obtain higher degrees and certificates through attending classes on the web. Generally, the lessons are delivered to students through distant classrooms, e-mail, chat rooms, etc. On certain occasions, online schools are also known as distance or remote learning institutions.