Students need to study up on health insurance

From the time that the Affordable Care Act was first launched through in October 2013, the plan’s designers were terrified that young Americans wouldn’t sign up for health insurance.

A massive campaign was launched specifically targeting young people – particularly the millions of students whose participation the law couldn’t work without.

Study on the right online college

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If you have decided to go back to school to get a degree, you have to decide where you will study. For many busy adults, the only option is an online college. This has become a viable choice for many people who want to further their education. The next step is choosing the right online school.

What is your degree saying to the world?


A college degree is an important part of many people’s careers. It gives them the ability to pursue jobs in the areas they are interested in and earn a better living. Matching the degree to your personality and likes and dislikes is important to future satisfaction with your job.

Degrees that make a difference


When choosing a career path to take, it’s important for you to think about what you want to get out of your career. Some people choose careers based on money, while others base their decision on being able to help others directly.

How to be a better student?

English: Students need sleep in order to study.

Sometimes it may seem for students that there isn’t sufficient time to do everything that has assigned by their instructors. This can lead to a rise in stress that is not good for the student’s health. When revising for examinations, or during final year students have to face the pressures of tough studies and the job search process.

10 Most important work skills


Planning your future career is a must for every responsible parent. If you have a child who is attending primary school, have a look at the infographic below to check which are the best work skills and in this sense profession selection, by 2020.