Top Features of good eLearning apps

The use of eLearning apps has witnessed a huge demand ever since the pandemic hit! So, now if you have an app idea for your eLearning platform, it is time to give it a shot.

Looking for an eLearning app development company that provides the best features? Well, hold on, first you need to decide on the app features that you want to incorporate in your eLearning app. In this article, we have covered all the basic and advanced features that must be incorporated into your app to make your app stand out!

So, let’s begin!

Basic features present in all eLearning apps

To impart a hassle-free eLearning experience, it is crucial to include all the basic features below:

1.       Personalized learning space: You can create a student signup/sign in using social media accounts and they can check out different subscription plans for picking their desired program and paying for it. They should have the freedom to post questions as well as doubts if they have any during the lectures. Further, they must be able to look for online tutors based on their ratings and reviews.

2.       Micro-learning Capsules: Since nowadays, micro-learning has become important to keep the students engaged in the course for a long time. Thus, different teachers try to create content that is downloadable and studied later offline too. This offline content is extremely valuable since students do not need to fret over unstable and slow internet connections.

3.       Teacher’s module: For teachers, the app must comprise of course planning for both weekly and monthly fashion. Further, all teachers should monitor the progress of learners and ensure that he/she has gone through all the previous course curriculum side by side so that there is no point of doubt left. They should also provide support to students in case there are any doubts in the student’s minds.

Advanced features present in all/ eLearning app

Given below are all the advanced features in the app that are desired in every good eLearning app.

1.    App Sign up/Sign in

The first thing to do in the app is to sign up and create an account. If you are an existing user then you can directly sign in with the app and if you are a new user then you have to sign up and create a new account. Once, you have successfully created an account you can create your profile.

2.    Push Notifications

With these push notifications, the app will be able to send notifications and alerts to the students about different things like new videos and content.

3.    Role-based Dashboard

The dashboard helps you to monitor the overall performance of the app. By monitoring the crucial aspects of the app, you can improve the productivity and efficiency of the app by deploying smart strategies.

4.    Voice Command AI

By adding the features of voice command you can enhance the app and make it usable for visually impaired students. Smart AI technology can aid the students to select their preferred course using voice commands.

5.    CRM and CMS integration

CMS refers to a content management system and it allows you to keep tabs on the content of the app smoothly. You can manage all the content with it without any unnecessary hassle. CRM refers to customer relationship management which allows you to build a strong rapport with the students and learners that will use the app.

6.    Discussion Board

The discussion board will allow all the users of the app to interact with each other. They can carry out discussions on different doubts and share unique ideas with each other.

7.    Video streaming & Chat room

The users of the app can learn different things through the courses provided on your app and even discuss their doubts with the teachers in the live session through voice or chat room.

8.    Multi-language support

Providing support with multiple languages will further boost the success rate of the app as it will widen the user base of the app and they will find it more comfortable to learn in their preferred language.

The bottom line

By now you must be clear about all the top features that are desirable in eLearning apps nowadays. It is time to go through all of them and be sure about which feature you want to add to your specific eLearning app. Once you finalize that, reach out to different eLearning app designers and get it developed from professionals in no time!


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