Top 7 tips for perfect career planning



Career planning is one of the most important tasks for students because their future life depends upon their decision to choose a career. If they make the right choice, they can expect to have a bright future life or else expecting sometime awesomely great will be too much for them. If you have not decided what field to choose as your career or you are confused, this article can be really helpful for you as the tips given here will help you make a perfect decision.

1. Move yourself out of the hole

If you are taking classes to shape the way for your future career but things are getting confused, don’t limit yourself to the straight lines, move out and see the latest career trends around you. There must be variety of options which you might have not explored yet and exploring them will open your mind giving you broader options.

2. Be clear about your expectations

Sometimes you go into a field which is not really for you and the bad experience may get you disappointment. Therefore, you must figure out what kind of business organisation you would like to be part of and what kind of environment will make you feel better. Long or short distance travel and working schedule all are the important factors, you need to keep in focus.

3. Take self-assessment tests

You should also take self-assessment tests as these will enable you to discover a lot about your skills as well as your interests. If you are going to become part of a filed in which you have no interest, you should either stimulate your interest or switch your thinking to some other filed that fascinates you more.

4. Utilise your college career centre

You may also visit career centre in your college where you will be able to get access to a lot of useful materials such as interviews, workshops, self-assessment tests, alumni contacts, resumes and most importantly career development software.

5. Get involved in volunteer work

You can also get involved in volunteer activities which will enable you to build a strong career development network around you. Taking part in volunteering work will let you know a lot about you and there will be a strong connection between you and your community that helps you explore new career options.

6. Join professional associations in your field

There are a large number of professional associations in almost every field of human interests and career and if you have particular interest in a certain filed, you should join relevant associations and groups as they will help you connect with the professionals. When you become part of the network relevant to your specific field, it lets you learn more about it.

7. Find an experienced motivator and mentor

If you can find a mentor who can motivate you and tell you about the obstacles that you might have to face, this will be great for you but this is only possible when the mentor you choose has also gone through the similar circumstances.

About the Author:

Ellen Charles is a career counsellor and a freelance writer for the last three years and during her career, she has helped hundreds of people in building their career in the fields of their interest. She also provides her assistance to the school and college students with their dissertation, now a days she is working with Dissertation Help Love, also contributing in research papers writing and essay sort of projects.