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For the numerous students enrolled at senior year college, graduation and the time to end their academic journey is usually the most chaotic time filled with pressures, anxiety, stress and job related complications.

You are very close to finishing your degree, you feel this could be the start of a much exciting life, where you will earn your own and live independently.

However, the future is yet not secure and easy. The successful transition from college to a career that you will eventually have, might have a lot more challenges and complications that you need to tackle with time and survive. Once you have faced them and have gotten into the groove of that life, success will eventually follow. Every successful journey requires challenges and demands, expectations faltered as well as struggle.

Over a period of time, we have critically analyzed factors that play a crucial role in a student’s successful transition from life at college to a professional career. If they can mentally prepare for such issues and are up to facing the challenges, their transition, as well as the journey to a great career will start with a lot more ease and stability. They will not be surprised as a student, to what the circumstances are, but as a matter of fact, they will usually face them with strength and counter moves. We are going to talk about four such critical factors that are crucial during and after the transition of one chapter of your life to another.

Timeliness and routines

Most students become so comfortable in going to classes at random times, staying up till late and getting up the next day as if there is nothing to do that when they go to a professional five days a week job with strict timings, they just cannot cope up. This is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to improving productivity at work; managing your punctuality and getting out of that college life routine. Life is much more scheduled when you work and are in a career, there are time commitments you have to respect so timeliness becomes a very crucial factor.

Professionalism and responsibility

When you work, there is much more responsibility at your hand. The accountability also doubles, so not only the fact that you have to adopt a professional and serious approach while working, unlike college where you could roam around carefree you will also have to be extremely responsible.

The first job

Your first job should be more about exploring yourself into different settings and role related to your career aspirations than just money. Learn to work and work to learn should be your philosophy when it comes to getting the first job. Never look for opportunities that are dry and provide no value added exposure or experience. Also try to associate yourself with big multinationals name, to get a good kick start.

Employment does not come easy

One of the biggest surprises for students is that employment does not really come on a platter. You have to work hard, be patient and also very competitive when it comes to finding employment.

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Alice John is the author of this post. Alice is a retired dean from a reputed university in the United Kingdom. Now he likes to serve his time, consulting his close students and acquaintances and also posts about various insights at cheap essay help online


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