4 career opportunities with minimal education

Getting a traditional four-year degree no longer necessarily leads to a profitable career. With numbers of college grads at an all-time high and the economy at a serious low, it really is a tough job market out there.

Instead of going to a traditional university, many are opting for alternative schooling that leads directly to a career.

Surprisingly, there are many well-paying careers without extensive schooling required. Here are four hot career opportunities you can take advantage of with minimal education investment needed.

Police officer

Police officers must constantly be prepared to work in difficult and sometimes risky situations regardless of the day or weather. Officers are responsible for retaining the general safety of the public by enforcing laws in the streets and other public places.

After completing high school, aspiring police officers should simply attend a certified police training academy. From there, in a matter of months, after completing both physical and generic examinations, you can be qualified to protect and defend the citizens of your region and be recruited by a local police force. Like most government jobs, this one pays decently and offers killer benefits.

Dental hygienist

The men and women that make up this labor force are responsible for assisting dentists and orthodontists by preparing patients and performing basic dental hygiene procedures. To embark on this career, you’ll need to be a certified hygienist. Certification typically involves completing a set amount of courses regulated by the service you contact. For their efforts, dental hygienists are compensated a minimum salary of $70,200.

Medical assistant

People that don’t want to spend years in school are generally discouraged from medical careers. However, medical assistants are only required to complete minimal medical training that can be obtained from vocational or community colleges. This qualifies assistants to take part in basic medical care, as well as teaching them about the industry so they can be a valuable part of a medical team. Though medical assistants need a little education, they can easily make more than the average national salary for their work. If you are interested in more information, check out this medical assistant job description.


Paralegals serve as the assistant to qualified lawyers. They help lawyers prepare for trials by taking part in research, writing reports, and filling out paperwork. Generally, a paralegal is required to complete an Associate’s degree in paralegal studies. Instead of completing many arduous years getting a law degree, just a couple of years will prepare you to be right in the thick of things while earning a great paycheck. In fact, most paralegals earn right around $45,000 a year.

If you choose a career path wisely, there is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars in tuition bills and years completing arbitrary tuition requirements. Instead, hop on board with one of these careers right away.


By  Anica Oaks

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