What students need to remember when moving house?

Moving when at university can be quite a stress and also something that can become a regular occurrence due to the nature of courses. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be extremely hard and there are a number of ways to make a move easier for students – we’ve compiled a number of tips – take a look.

Before moving

If you’re moving from one place to another, then there are a number of things that you need to do beforehand. The main thing is to get your deposit back from your landlord and this requires you to do a big clean up beforehand to prevent problems. Fixing up before the final inspection could save you money. Also, be sure to pay bills and ensure that you catch up with everything – failing to do this could land you in trouble.

Good news is that you can change your TV licence over to your new address. This is easily done and if you haven’t found a property yet, just set a reminder to do so. This will save you money.


Often students don’t have enough room in their new place, or many may even be away for a period travelling or backpacking, others may go home for a break during the summer term. If this happens then it’s often a good idea to leave your heavier items in storage for these prolonged periods. This will mean you don’t have to carry heavier items you don’t need back and forth and can move them into your new place when university resumes and you move back to the area. provides this service in a number of areas in the UK and so it’s worth trying them if you can.


When moving items, the main thing to remember is that you need to take the upmost care of them. Whether you use professional movers, decide to car it, or are more prone to renting a van; taking care of your items is of the upmost importance. Always ensure that you never carry anything that’s too heavy and get help if needs be.

After moving

After you move to your new home, you should check around it to see if there’s any damage. This should be recorded with video and noted too. Any problems recorded and noted now will be proof that you didn’t do so at a later date.

Check where the gas and water are and also where the fuse box is as this will help you ensure that if there are any problems with them you can turn them off immediately. Check your alarms for fire to ensure they’re working and also that gas appliances are in good condition. In addition, check that you have your contents insurance sorted – nobody wants to come home to a stolen laptop.

Bills need to be set up too, so check with your utility provider and inform them of your move – for this you will need relevant meter readings.

Following these tips will make your move to new student accommodation easy.

By Cormac Reynolds

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