3 Reasons to invest in a tutor

A good education is priceless with many obstacles to complete it and serious assistance to achieve the desired level of knowledge.

An important aid to seeing a student through a difficult period is the tutor. When you decide to choose one, consider these three scenarios to determine if he/she is needed to prevent abandonment of educational goals:

Depression/lack of confidence

Many subjects can feel very daunting to a student, especially if there has been preemptive tales of horror from peers. The belief that a subject will be hard or confusing can foment into a lack of confidence and eventual depression over the ability to understand the subject.

This sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, if left unchecked, can derail an academic career. A tutor has the ability to move slowly and painstakingly over material, allowing the student to feel a sense confidence when difficult material is eventually grasped. Many teachers have to follow a certain curriculum and are unable to slow down and make sure all the students are on board with particular aspects of a class. A tutor can provide the necessary instruction and positive feedback outside of class to keep up with sometimes demanding instructors.

Business/lack of time

For parents who notice a child struggling in a certain subject, the first instinct is usually to provide assistance personally. However, with job constraints, schedule differences, and fatigue, many parents are unable to provide the kind of help they would like. A tutor can be a lifesaver in these situations, as the subject being struggled with is the tutor’s area of expertise.

Tutors can diagnose problems a student may be having and have numerous tools to help correct any areas that are necessary. The tutor will not be burnt out after an exhausting day, have other business occupying his/her thoughts, or be drawn into non-academic squabbles.

Specific learning disabilities

While most students learn in a somewhat predictable fashion, many students learn in ways that schools are not always ideal at addressing. Tutors have been specially instructed in how to help students with a non-standard way of learning pick up a given subject. According to Math Tutor Fremont, a tutor can turn to may be the perfect solution for a student that has been diagnosed with a learning disability.

Investing in a tutor is an important step in improving a student’s academic performance. The dividend paid by investing in education provides more than financial gain. It provides a sense of self-confidence that lasts.

What are your thoughts about finding a tutor?

By Annette Hazard

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