How to type faster and be more productive?

With the rapid global technological advancements, learning how to type is one of the skills which are most treasured in the market. Typing is not in fact difficult – the real challenge is how to do it fast enough to keep up with the flow of your thoughts. To learn how to type faster, you need patience and thorough hard work. The world desires people who can type just about anything in the shortest time possible. The typing skill can be essential particularly when sending messages to your friends through live chats or e-mails, articles and even blogs.
In order to learn how to type faster, it is important to learn some of the following tips to become a typing guru and increase the number of words you write per minute:

  • The typing space is the first and foremost thing to consider. You need a working area that is comfortable and ensure you are seated. The posture should be upright with the back straight and feet on the floor apart at shoulder-width and palms same level as keyboard to easily navigate the keys.
  • Learn the keyboard layout and shortcuts. The QWERTY layout is the most common and easiest to master where the keys are both letter and punctuation. Shortcuts also assist in faster manoeuvring of the keyboard. Shortcuts include some such as Ctrl X-cut, Ctrl V-paste and Ctrl C-copy.
  • Proper positioning of the fingers is also very crucial. You should learn to use all 10 fingers. The basics are that the index finger lies on the F and J letters, the middle finger, ring finger and pinkie lie on D, S and A respectively on the left side. On the right hand side they lay on the K, L, and keys in the same order.
  • Practise, practise till you get there. It not only requires you to know where to place your fingers and where the keys but also very frequent practising. Test yourself and draw up the progress occasionally.
  • Finally, there are tons of applications, programs, games and websites that offer help in terms of tutors, advice and practise opportunities. One such is which is a service that has customized tests and tutorials to help you practise and master how to type faster. This is a certified service that will ensure your typing skills are top-notch.

Eventually after following through these few tips, it is hard not to be the best typist ever or maybe at least in the room. This practise will then lead you to knowing how to touch type. This is typing without looking at the keyboard where the fingers can easily navigate the keyboard just by sense of touch and the sight is only fixed on the text on the screen.

You know how that quirky voice in your head that comes up with all the ideas lasts for a very short time and as you struggle with the distraction of hunt and peck, your mind goes dry within a matter of seconds and you have just found the key you were looking for. Frustrating isn’t it? Now you can have a smooth synchrony between the ideas and your hand movements before they get lost.

Written by Adam Fort who is typing enthusiast and freelance writer.

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