Immersive Spanish Course for Beginners ( level 1)

Immersive Spanish Course for Beginners ( level 1)

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This Spanish course for beginners is the course you have been waiting for. Why?Because you wont be alone in the process, I will be there constantly as well as you classmate, Suhan. This course has been designed with a real student, who prior to this course could just say a few words without any structure. Now, he is much more confident as you will be after this course. It combines an immersive approach along with a strategy for you to learn gradually following the teacher guidance while you are immerse in a real learning environment.I will provide you small cognitive structures to organize systematically your learning process. You will be focused on a specific goal and bit by bit, you will face expressions that are more complex. After this 18-hour course divided into 13 classes, you will be able to: fluently introduce yourself and othersdescribe nationalities and professionstalk easily about your hobbies, your preferences and your intereststalk about future plansconjugate regular and irregular verbsidentify those two types of the verb to beexplain your emotionsdescribe citiestalk about the weatherto have a general and straight forward conversation in shopsThese objectives are selected based on the guidance of the official DELE exams and Spanish institutions. You will be given the first two lessons for free so you can check if you really enjoy this unique course.

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