Kickstart diet motivation and nutrition course in 30 days

Kickstart diet motivation and nutrition course in 30 days

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Being overweight can have profound health and social consequences in todays modern society with big obstacles that can often be quite tough to overcome from a motivational perspective. This course aims to address the challenges faced by the someone looking to achieve significant weight reduction in their life. Learn a new approach to the weight loss process that uses powerful motivational techniques and tools to potentially allow radical changes to occur in a participants life. The course is designed to be delivered over a short 30 period where you’ll be transported on a roller coaster journey to internalize ten fundamental weight loss principles that can enable radical weight loss to occur. The course content is deviled by a qualified fitness instructor who himself understands the difficulties and common pitfalls faced by someone trying to change their health stats for the better. The Program takes a wholistic approach to the weight loss process that encompasses fundamental concepts from nutrition, fitness and also powerful motivational techniques that allow the participant to move forward in the right direction for better health over the long term. At the start of the course you’ll be allowed to make an initial assessment of your current health state and then following this you will be tasked with developing a set of targets to be reached at the end of the 30 day program. You’ll then be given a shopping list of essential common items that will aid you on your weight loss journey throughout the program. During the course you’ll be able to assess your progress with basic metrics to monitor how you are progressing while also learning new useful weight loss concepts along the way.

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