How can it turn your grades from Zero to Hero?



“Change is the only constant.”

– Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher



In a world where everything changes for good, education rather the mode of education and learning has also changed over the years. You are no longer required to wait for the next day to come so that you can ask your teacher regarding a particular academic complication in class. The internet search engines, e-learning portals and online academic support websites are the new waves of change, which is likely to alter the face of education in the days to come.

To explain further, the concept of e-learning is controlled by the electronic media, which basically functions via internet applications, online portals, e-forums and more.

From academic consultations to easy and interactive learning, online mock tests to online courses; the entire world of e-learning has so many features and remarkable benefits to offer. According to a statistical survey, as posted in, it has been stated that according to projections, the global e-learning market is predicted to cross an amount of 243 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2022.

In the United States, about 56% of students disclosed that they use desktop and laptops in the class every week. Well, this is not only a scenario, which is prevalent in the United States. If we are to talk about the worldwide acceptance of e-learning then there are many such examples where e-learning has brought a major change, embraced by most of the new-age learners. The best part about online education is the fact that it has helped many students across the globe in taking their academic grades up to a level of success from notably poorer scores in the past. Here’s how e-learning tools and online portals help students achieve success and better grades in the long run.

  • The advantage of attending lectures anywhere, anytime

While you may not attend or fail to attend classroom lectures due to certain factors, the e-learning methodologies and online education portals help students in attending online lectures and browsing through several informative archives during any time of the day, as and when required. This, as a result, helps students with better potential, productivity and diligence, as they can manage academic learning on their own.

  • Prompt delivery of academic lessons and study materials

The main idea of e-learning and online interactive education is to make sure that students could get prompt delivery of study materials, online resources and lessons of all sorts. Now that they are being able to extract information, adopt new lessons, read through study materials on a plethora of subject matter, scoring efficient grades in semesters and any other examination has become even easier than what it was a decade ago.

  • E-learning helps students save time significantly

Time has often proved to be a major limitation and a point of concern to many. This has at times, made things complicated for students and they ended up missing assignment submission deadlines, not finishing homework on time and the like.
Now with the advancement of e-learning techniques and tools, students can save time significantly, which as a result, help them with better potential and energy that could be put to good use in other academic tasks.

  • The benefit of having global academic experts and lecturers at your doorstep

Talking to turning academic grades from zero to something impressively significant, it is to be noted that students availing e-learning perks are always benefitted with the advantage of meeting global leaders in the world of education.

You get to meet so many stalwarts, read through their works, adopt new learning styles, take notes of important lessons, and explore better academic resources and more.

Thus, the benefit is quite transparent and real. Now, for a student who gets to refer to so many smart learning tools, and meet experts from all around the world, scoring impressive grades in semesters comes naturally to them.

  • You get to share, learn and innovate in a better way

Since e-learning is a global phenomenon, it is to be mentioned that students get to learn and share things with a wider group of students from every corner of the world. This, as a result, takes the entire idea of smart learning to a completely new level of success, betterment and convenience. Thus, the more you get to learn, share, adapt and innovate, better will be your chance of scoring impressive grades in the long run.

According to, the estimated size of e-learning market back in the year 2014 was of a valuation of $165.36 and as discussed in the introductory part, the estimated size of the market in the year 2022 is going to be $243.8. Now with an estimated increase in the entire count, it is pretty evident that the students are embracing the change enthusiastically. Hence, a better way to learn and turn up with promising academic outcomes is likely to increase in the years to come.

  • The significant advantage of availing online tutorials

Online tutoring is also a significant part of e-learning. Students from all across the globe count on online tutoring these days. The reason is quite clear. All that it takes to consult online tutors is nothing but a desktop or a laptop and stable internet connection. And on the other hand, the manual learning technique takes much time, energy and money. Now with a smart solution, and flexibility, e-learning is certainly making things easier for students to learn, seek online guidance and support, which eventually gets reflected in their scorecards

  • Makes students more organized, focused and aware of all evils

There are several e-learning tools and organizer apps available these days. Students can simply download and install them in order to have their homework and school priorities planned meticulously. This, eventually, helps them to keep track of things better and allow them to manage their daily duties and academic essentials in a better way.

Talking about various e-learning applications, it is to be mentioned that there are other tools that help students fight against plagiarism. Whether, it’s an assignment, or a daily homework; plagiarism anywhere and in any form is harmful, risky and can bring in an ill impact on the overall performance of the student. Now with the emergence of online plagiarism detectors these days, things have become easier and more beneficial for students.

  • Online mock-tests can help students with self – evaluation

Online mock test portals and applications are also some of the most significant parts of the e-learning market prevalent today.

Students can appear for mock tests online and can have the advantage of self-analyzing their academic credibility.

Based on the analysis, they can further work on the areas that need to be strengthened. This eventually helps students score better grades during final examinations in schools, colleges and universities.

  • The advantage of completing courses online

These days, with the advancement of e-learning facilities, one can complete several academic courses at the convenience of pursuing online certificate courses, distant learning facilities and the likes.

This, as a result, makes it easier for students to save enough time to prepare for the examination, and score better grades at the end of the day.

  • Students can take part in online brainstorming sessions

Students get the opportunity to visit several e-learning forums and online portals in order to participate in brainstorming sessions. Students from all across the globe with insightful ideas to share, and vital points to discuss, finds it more convenient to incorporate advanced learning strategies, which as a result, helps them score better grades in the long run.

  • E-Libraries help students with their academic research

There are e-forums and electronic libraries available with helpful resources for students looking for academic references, writing ideas and support.

Research students and other scholarly candidates across the globe can now count on the e-libraries, as such portals serve as a one-stop solution for all those who are in need of research ideas, well-defined data and every other relevant information that can be used in the thesis, dissertations, case studies, term paper and more.

According to the Statistical Findings

For a better understanding of the readers regarding the statistical derivation of the probability of e-learning market in the upcoming years, here’s is an informative image explaining that the market was predicted to cross USD 150 Billion in the year 2016, and is estimated to rise at the rate of more than five percent CAGR from the year 2017 to 2024.

Figure 1: Source:


Thus, to end with, it seems that the entire sector of digital education and learning is likely to reach higher levels of success rate in the market, with more of such innovative and rewarding features in store. In a world where everything is possible with a single click of your mouse click, there’s no wonder that education will only get smarter and easily accessible with each passing day.

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