How e-learning technologies can help you in writing a capstone proposal?


Are you almost at the end of your academic program and need to submit a capstone project? First, you need to prepare a capstone proposal to your advisor. It is usually a few pages where you detail the introduction for your project idea.

In writing a capstone proposal, you need to think critically about the details to include or exclude. It determines whether your project gets accepted or not. Since the whole capstone experience is both time and labour intensive, it is essential to have the right tools in hand.

We live in an age where technological advances allow us to make work efficient. The same applies to e-learning tools. With the proper tools in hand for your capstone project proposal, you find it easy to fine-tune the nitty gritty of a research proposal.

That includes stating your hypothesis, delineating existing theories on the subject, the details of your research methodology, and review of the literature that you would use in the research. Below are ways in which e-learning tools may make your work lighter:

  • Management of the project/proposal

For students, the capstone experience serves as a culminating experience for their intellect and academics. It all starts with producing quality and compelling capstone proposal. An ideal project should be one that explores a proposition and its application.

Thus, it may involve more than just reading different literature on the subject of your choice, and assimilating your findings. There are numerous project management tools that you can use, e.g. Trello.

It is easy to use, due to its clear visual order. Also, it allows you to coordinate with others, as you proceed with writing your capstone proposal. You can also track the different tasks so that you don’t fall behind the given deadline.

  • Cloud storage

At some point, you may need to access your notes from different locations. It’s where cloud storage comes in handy. You won’t have to have a specific area where you can access the files you need, as you can work remotely.

Most service providers of cloud-based tools provide users with maintenance and updates for free. You can ensure the safety of your data making use of the security protocols or encryption features that are advanced, as offered by the provider.

An authoring tool that’s cloud-based allows you to work with others on the same content. Some have a review feature that others can leave their comments on specific parts of the material.

  • Add and track tasks

You have other duties to attend to, besides creating a capstone proposal. It may make it difficult for you to keep track of what you need to do, on a particular day. Having a to-do list can take away this burden.

With a tool such as Momentum, you can access your to-do list by opening a new tab.  It is an extension compatible with Google Chrome. Thus useful, if you are researching on the internet.

You won’t have to wrack your brain searching for a bookmark. Just pop a new tab, open. Also, you will get to enjoy inspiring quotes daily. It is essential, especially, when you feel you lack the motivation to keep working on your proposal.

  • Revamp your research

In the e-learning space, professionals from different industries discuss and share links through subreddits. Paying a visit to these forums ensures that you are up to date with news in your industry of choice. You can also ask experts in the specific sector, questions.

There are also tools that make curating of content, a little less intimidating. allows you to search for, curate and share content that’s most relevant. Some devices also allow you to store news on the topic of your choice.

Remember, in your project, you need to include the latest news about the subject matter. It will make your research relevant. You can also find suitable multimedia production tools that can help you in recording the information you collect.


In every cloud, there’s a silver lining. The same applies to, finding the right e-learning tools to help you in producing a high-quality proposal. Also, you should remember to use grammar or spell-checker.

You wouldn’t want simple Grammar errors to take away the value and effort put in your capstone proposal, would you?

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