5 Tips for Oracle certification exam


Oracle offers several non-proctored exams online, which provides an easier way to become an Oracle certified associate. However, certification is not awarded merely on the basis of clearing an online exam. To complete certification, you need to pair an online exam with a proctored exam.

Here are 5 tips to help you to prepare for proctored or non-proctored Oracle Certification exams and pass them successfully:

  • Study exam details and exam topics at the Oracle Education website:

Take note of exam details like the number of questions, duration of the exam, and the passing grades. Depending on the test you are taking, calculate the time per question. Every question carries equal marks, so you can determine the number of questions to be attempted to clear the exam. While checking Java programming course exam topics, verify whether they match the test you are appearing for. If satisfied, copy the topics and save them in a file on your laptop. This list of topics forms your checklist that you need to mark off before you schedule an exam.

  • Search for relevant documentation:

You can start searching Google for documents like oracle 11.2 Documentation. Download the PDF of exam manuals or mark the HTML copies. The manuals have Mobi or ePub texts that you can copy and read later. In addition, Oracle has generated several ‘2 Day’ documents. For every exam topic, there is 2-Day file related to the exam. You can read the 2-Day document as it is a practical way to start preparing.

  • Make notes:

Making notes has always been a useful way of studying. Jot down main facts, factors, instructions etc. This method of writing down will help you memorise the details. Moreover, once you complete your research, these notes will be useful for revising everything you learnt.

  • Mark questions when unsure:

While answering questions, if you stumble upon one you can’t answer, then mark the question and tick any option randomly. Go to the next question immediately as you can’t waste time worrying about it. An unanswered question will always be marked wrong but, answering it anyways will keep your chances of getting a mark alive. When you complete the test, compare the number of marked questions.  If your marked questions are lesser than the number of questions needed to clear the exam, you would probably pass the Java programming course test.

  • Revise in the remaining time:

Make the most of the remaining time by investing it in revision. Go back to the marked questions and see if you can answer them with correctness. Even if you are still uncertain about the answer, having a second look may let you gather some new points.

En route to becoming an Oracle certified associate, these tips will come handy while preparing for the test. Reach the testing centre before your scheduled time and go through the notes before the exam. This will ensure you have enough information stored in your in temporary memory to make a successful attempt at the Oracle certification exam.

Author: Priya Jatoliya

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