How can Microsoft Certification benefit me?

Having a good understanding of Microsoft is extremely beneficial, whether you are currently employed or whether you’re seeking work and need to help your CV stand out. Becoming Microsoft Certified significantly improves your career prospects and could help you to get where you want to be professionally.

Improve your career prospects

Achieving a Microsoft Certification verifies your thorough understanding of the various Microsoft products and technology. It suggests that you have great technical ability in using Microsoft in order to create business solutions.

With Microsoft Certification, future employers and clients will recognise the importance of your qualification and understand that you are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and skilled in all areas of Microsoft. Whether you are in employment or seeking employment, your worth will be increased by your qualification. Many employers look for Microsoft Certification when taking on new employees to determine whether or not you have the adequate skills for the job.

Improve your own understanding

By completing the Microsoft Certification, you gain a solid grounding in your IT skills. You will be required to demonstrate a great level of ability because the exams are reviewed by Internet and external technology experts. Each certification is thoroughly examined for its relevance and accuracy.

What types of Microsoft Certification are available?

There are a huge range of Microsoft programs available, ranging from software to databases. In order to operate this technology, a certain level of knowledge is required. Microsoft Certification is designed by IT professionals for other IT professionals, developers and business managers. Programmes are available for those three professional levels. Training is available on a wide range of skill levels, however, to complete many of the certification programmes, you will be required to have prior knowledge and experience.

There are different types of Microsoft Certification available for different career aspirations. If you work as an administrator, you may find it handy to become a specialist in Microsoft Office. Not only will this qualification validate your skills, it also stands out on your CV, with better chances for getting hired. With this certification, you would be working in Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and Outlook.

Why should I become Microsoft Certified?

There are three main times that becoming Microsoft Certified can help you to get ahead. Firstly, if you are new to a particular technology, certification not only assures an employer that you are capable of using the technology, it also provides you with the experience and skills that you will need to use the technology.

Very often, new technologies are introduced you require certification. When a new technology is introduced, certification is an important part in keeping up to date with technological change which benefits you as either a candidate or as an employee.

In some cases, it is important to get certified because people expect it. For example, the clients of your employer may not know you, so your employer feels that certification builds their trust in you. It proves that you are fully capable of operating new technologies and that you are a professional in what you do.

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