Degrees that make a difference

When choosing a career path to take, it’s important for you to think about what you want to get out of your career. Some people choose careers based on money, while others base their decision on being able to help others directly.

No matter what you choose as a career, it’s likely that the root of your decision is that you would like to make an impact on the world. Some professions allow you to do this more than others. Here are a few careers that will allow you to make a true impact on humanity, so just make sure that it will be the right degree that makes a difference.

Emergency Medical Technician
If you would like to directly save someone’s life and blood doesn’t scare you at all, then you may want to consider a career as an Emergency Medical Technician. According to Industrial response: 911, a Calgary ambulance service, Emergency Medical Technicians are the first to respond when someone needs their services in an emergency. By arriving first and saving lives, Emergency Medical Technicians make an enormous impact on the world by being available around the clock for service.

Teachers work directly with the future as they mold the minds of the next generation in various subjects. Teachers teach children how to think critically about the world around them and how to become the people they want to be. While their primary job is to teach children school material, teachers often act as a little bit more than just a teacher. Kids tend to look to their teachers to fill voids that they are missing in their home lives.

Aerospace Engineer
Kids often grow up dreaming of becoming an astronaut and flying to the moon. While many do not achieve this dream, it’s possible to be the one that helps to design the next aircraft that flies to the moon. Aerospace engineers work with the cutting edge technology that shapes the world in which we live.
Social Worker

There are thousands of children in the world that are displaced from their homes due to things like negligent parents, drug use, violence and other factors that drastically change their lives at a young age. Social workers are able to work directly with these children and families to help provide safe, happy homes to live in. While they will never become rich, social workers make a difference in lives every single day.

While there are other careers out there that make a huge impact on the world, these four professions are ones where people have the ability to directly effect change in the world each day that they go in.

By Savannah Coulsen