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Corporate jobs take their toll on you mentally, physically and emotionally, and this is even more true if you have a job that you do not like. Most Americans have this idea that they should be able to work for themselves or own their own company, but very few people ever do so. Fortunately there are several different training courses or seminars that you can participate in that will provide you with the training that you need to get started on a life outside of the traditional corporate rat race. These are courses that can either be done online or during weekends, so that you can continue to earn an income while you take the course.


If you have a business idea or you want to introduce a new product to the market, you are going to need some guidance to make sure that you are able to get off the ground. The eFreedom seminars are training tools that teach new entrepreneurs the basics of business ownership and how to utilize all of the tools in their arsenal in order to grow their business effectively. There are seminars that are held throughout the United States each year, and each seminar lasts only two hours. However, there are online resources available that extend the utility of the seminar and make it a fantastic resource for people who want to start a business. Kevin Harrington, former panelist on ABC’s Shark Tank, provides much of the information, and his expertise in starting a business and business growth give these seminars a great deal of credibility.


There are few investment opportunities that are as safe or have an upside as high as commercial real estate. GOCMREI provides commercial real estate investing training in a fun and exciting way that can be done at your own pace. Whether you want to start with small purchases like storage units, or you feel like you can move in to multi-family housing, the CMREI program has the information that you will need. The program has two different methods of instruction. If you want to learn via interactive webinars and online resources, the website has plenty of information and the site is constantly updated to reflect the newest changes and trends that exist in commercial real estate. There are also DVD training sets that are available for purchase if you learn better away from the computer. Since the program is led by Cherif Medawar, one of the most successful commercial real estate investors in the world, the CMREI program will have the information that you need to get started with real estate investing.

Trading Academy

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to get as involved in the stock market as they want, and day trading has become something that many people strive to do for a living. The best of the training sites for this type of investing is the Online Trading Academy. Here you will learn the basics of all the different types of stock market investing, from simple stock purchases to more complex ideas like options and futures. The Trading Academy uses some of the sharpest investment minds in the industry as instructors, and you can rest assured that you are getting solid investing education from the program.

I am Robert Young and I took an online investment course three years ago. Last year I was able to leave my full-time job and start investing as a profession and I wrote this article to talk about some of the training options that you have available to you.

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