Why are education institutions under attack?

Cyber-criminals intrude into higher education computer networks which are much faster than normal computer systems, so they can use the servers to send out malware, spam and viruses.

The criminals may try to break in, so they can steal the personal information of faculty, staff and students. The biggest reason for network data breaches is so that cyber-criminals can steal student, staff and faculty personal information–identity theft.

Some cyber-criminals break in just to prove to themselves and others that they can do it, other criminals break in to take advantage of the large bandwidth for illegal music and movie downloads, third ones can do it just for fun, to show off.

These criminals have an unusually high level of computer code knowledge, making it easier for them to find “the unlocked data doors” that should have been locked by staff.

You also have criminals that referred to as “script kiddies,” or hacking amateurs trying to intrude with pre-written code.

Cyber-criminals know that some college computer networks aren’t properly configured, so they try to find and exploit the vulnerabilities in that system.

Having listed all above, it gives us more than sufficient reasons to take immediate action and prevent any potential harm to yourselves or the company/institution where you work. If you need any assistance, feel free to let us know.



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