14 January, 2014

cyber crime

Why are education institutions under attack?

Cyber-criminals intrude into higher education computer networks which are much faster than normal computer systems, so they can use the servers to send out malware, spam and viruses. The criminals may try to break in, so they can steal the personal information of faculty, staff and students. The biggest reason for network data breaches is…


Common English language misspellings

Have you always had trouble with spelling? Whether writing is one of your strong side or not, technology is helping us each day in getting better at spelling words when we are working on a paper, email or even status update. A lot of people do not take advantage of the tools available to them.…

study room

5 things in your room that hinder studying

When students head off to college, it is often their first attempt at creating a living and working space that suits them. This causes a large number of mistakes and miscalculations to appear in their choices. Unfortunately, these mistakes can have a negative impact on scholastic performance. Here are five common mistakes to be aware…