Higher education options in Kensas

Whether you are from Missouri and the Kansas City area and want to go to school close to home or are looking to travel further away for school and feel like the Kansas City area is the right place for you, there are many different options when it comes to receiving a higher education. From public and private universities to for-profit and non-profit colleges to secular and non-secular schools, the Kensas City area has many unique options to offer, giving anyone the opportunity to find a place that is right for them.

While some of the colleges in Kansas City are more well-known than others, there are quite a few that can provide just as valuable of an education, but are not as well-known. When you are looking at your higher education options in Kansas City, make sure to include these underrated colleges and universities in your search so that you don’t miss out on a potentially great school for you.

3 Colleges you should know about

Many people tend to gravitate towards the big and well-known universities when assessing their higher education options. This is most often due to two reasons: they believe these schools will give them the best education and they do not know about lesser-known schools. Kansas City has many schools that are not as well known, if at all, though, that offers top-notch educations to their students. In fact, the Kansas City area is home to several underrated schools that do a great job at preparing their students for careers. Three of these top underrated Kansas City schools are:

  1. National American University (NAU) – a university that offers both online and ground classes, NAU has four locations in the Kansas City area, making it a great choice for students looking for a flexible school. NAU also provides excellent opportunities for adults to go back to school as it has flexible class options, from nighttime to online classes, multiple start dates, and instructors who have real experience working in the fields for which they are teaching.
  2. Park University – a private, non-profit university, Park University’s main campus is in Parkville Missouri, however, it has a total of 40 locations throughout the entire U.S., in addition to online classes, making it easily accessible for its students. This university offers a variety of Master’s programs, such as Master of Public Affairs and Master of Business Administration, and has been ranked as a best buy for graduate programs. It has also recently been ranked as number 10 on the Guide to Online School’s 2013 Online College Rankings.
  3. Grantham University – with four different schools – School of Nursing and Allied Health, the Mark Skousen School of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Engineering and Computer Science – Grantham University has a large variety of online classes and degrees, making it easy for busy students to graduate from a higher education school while maintaining their current lifestyle. And, with its lower tuition rates per credit hour, Grantham University is an affordable place to obtain a secondary education.

When looking for colleges in Kansas City, consider these and other lesser-known schools; one may actually be the best place for you!


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