How to improve your defensive driving skills in the snow?

    Driving in the snow is risky business. Studies have shown that winter is the worst time of year for automobile related injuries and accidents. Defensive driving can keep you safer in the snow if you pay attention. Here are seven tips that will help you reach your destination unharmed. Come prepared Make sure Read More …

Traveling to university: Safe travel tips for college commuters

Every day, college students commute to and from their schools. The costs of living in a dorm or close to campus can be a huge added expense for some, with the expense of commuting by car, train, bus, bike, or even walking a lot less. College takes up a lot of your time and thoughts Read More …

6 tips to earn your degree online

Do you want to go to school online? Due to different situations, going to school online may be the best way to earn your degree. Here’s some tips to help you with your online goals:

Driving tips for teens

The driving learning curve puts teenage and beginner drivers at the highest risk of being in an accident, with potentially lethal consequences. This is only logical as driving is a process based on experience and skills, and beginner drivers have neither of these.