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The history of The Pen

With the technology development, pens and pencils are becoming “a tool of the past”. We are still using them, of course, but more rarely, and in this respect it is interesting to see the history of the pen… to see how we have developed.

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The future of education is online and the future is now!

We are experiencing a trend of having the traditional education disruption by the emerging online education institutions and online available resources.

65% of college and universities say that online courses are a critical part of their long-term strategy and it is clear that this trend is affecting the main stream population of college and university students as 31% of them are taking at least one course online.

New technology is supporting online education adoption and enabling its spreading and implementation to be very effective.This is why online classes have recorded enrollment of over 6.1 million students in at least one online course.

More interesting details can be seen below:
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