IT training for elderly people: It’s never too late

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IT training for elderly people: It's never too late The rate at which technology is developing is so fast that most of us struggle to keep up. When we were children, some of the lucky ones may have had an old Commodore 64, which needed programming language just to access Ms Dos. It seems like it took no more than a blink of an eye for programming language to be replaced with touchscreens and the old Commodore to be replaced with an iPad or tablet. And nobody even knows what Ms Dos is anymore! Continue reading “IT training for elderly people: It’s never too late”

27 tips for better learning and well being

  1. Memorize at least one thing everyday. This will  make your brain sharp and your memory functioning. In this manner you will have a huge library of quotes to bust out at any moment: poetry, sayings and philosophies are your best options.
  2. Try to reduce your attachment to possessions. Individuals with heavy-set to material desires will have trouble when their things are taken away from them or lost, as in the end things begin owning you, not the other way around. When you become a person of minimal needs, you will be more content.
  3. Develop an endless curiosity about things you love. Become “an explorer” and view the world as your “own planet”. Stop and observe all of the little things as completely unique events, try new things, get out of your comfort zone and experience as many different environments and sensations as possible.
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Hyperactive child or else?

hyperactive-child I don not think that there is anyone in that has not taken, does not take or will not take a medication for something. Regardless whether it is high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate problems, thyroid dysfunction, ulcers, flue, cold, or depression just to name a few. Not to mention that medication is something that is needed by many, just to stay alive. Preventive medicine and post-preventive medicines are part of this group. Children have always needed medications for childhood illness and some childhood diseases, at larger or at smaller scale. Only within the last 20 years, we have seen school aged children medicated with psychotropic drugs sometimes even as early as preschool. Continue reading “Hyperactive child or else?”

Concentrate in 4 magic steps

Concentrate in 4 magic steps


There is no doubt that one of the main problems that deter a person's success is their lack of concentration.Lapses can encourage disturbances to get in the way and stall progress.

However if ones wishes to proceed on their road to success, it is imperative they learn how to concentrate. Here are some easy to learning exercises that are easy to implement.
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How to discover your genius within?

How to discover your genius within?   What we know for sure in the abundance of the brain functions that are unexplored, are the facts that the right and left brain are only a small portion of the potential that comprises THE MIND. What you should know is that the mind and the brain are two very different things. Here is the brief explanation why : You can think of the brain as the hard drive of the computer and the mind as the software. Your mind is the intelligence that is in its every cell, every system and every organ of your body. It is that intangible, incredible and awe-inspiring part of you that thinks, remembers, deals with information, makes judgments, forms habits, distinguishes, communicates and makes you who you are. It is the genius within. Biology has proven that your mind takes in all information through the five senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. If you link the five senses to the keyboard on the computer, you will receive input through your senses, your “data entry” system. Upon this your brain stores, categorizes and utilizes this information. What you should know is that a genius knows how to access that information and then apply it in discovering the solutions to any problems that may arise. This is why it is essential that you discover your own individual style for gathering and communicating information, in order to achieve your optimum development. Some of us process sensory input, more effectively through visual means, whereas others through auditory stimuli, or through a kinesthetic – a touch or feel – approach. If you want to contemplate which way your genius accesses information, imagine for a moment that you are buying a new item of clothing for an important meeting. Would you be most influenced to buy primarily for: a) the color and style of the outfit; b) the benefits the salesperson tells you about the clothing; c) the texture and feel of the fabric? If you chose a) then your brain receives information primarily through visual means. If you have chosen b) you perceive information primarily through auditory means. If your selection was c) – you most likely access information through kinesthetic means. But, what you should know is that everyone learns and communicates in all three of these modes in different situations. Most people have developed a natural preference, and tend to use one method then the other – more frequently. This is why it is your goal to become aware of your preference and then strive to strike a balance between all three modes: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, in order to reach your top potential. – Are you willing to stretch your abilities by consciously choosing to use your other senses more than the other? – Can you imagine the benefits of opening your mind to receive ALL the input from the world around you? If you have answered – yes – then this will give you an awareness of an exciting world that has been there all along, but which you may have been missing. Let’s clear up, it is natural for you to use what is comfortable, but please bear in mind that the awakened genius is willing to grow. Take the example of the turtle, you will not go far if you do not go out of your shell. What you should know is that you will be pleasantly surprised if you practice using and developing your other senses. In this way you will notice how your memory improves and how easy it becomes for you to make choices. In this direction you will discover a whole new world of communication! When you learn to create a balance in perception, you will be on your way to think “holographically” and use the full power of your genius! Let me know what are your views and whether you agree or not with the thoughts I have given above, I would really like to hear from you. If you would like to learn more, you can visit: Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius Discover your genius

Mental Sheath purification and advancement

human-mind We are witnessing the miracles of our intellectual capabilities at every moment of our ordinary social dwelling. An alert intellectual individual marches ahead in his or her chosen field with great success. Banging opposite to the people with weak intellects, lags behind in various areas, despite being blessed with conducive circumstances. To solve the problems of our lives and attain benefits of soul glory, a radiant mind is most required. Continue reading “Mental Sheath purification and advancement”

Who’s teaching the babies? New revolutionary edu resources

Who’s teaching the babies? New revolutionary edu resources   Establish and affirm a baby’s unique identity and purpose Maybe you already know that babies’ development begins in the mothers’ womb, but what you might know is that you can teach the babies while they are in the mothers’ womb. It might seem odd to you, but for Dr. Melodye Hilton it does not seem this ways, as she has developed the page “Who’s Teaching the Babies?™”, a new Christian-based resource, that is providing curriculum and educational tools for daycares, caregivers and churches. There is no better place to establish the foundational reason for being, than at the beginning—conception. Dr. Hilton says, “Through science and proven experience, we have recognized the life-empowering results of teaching babies in the most crucial and foundational window of opportunity—conception through three years.” What you are asking yourself is: How can people teach babies? Fact that we should have in mind are the following: An infant’s brain begins to form just three weeks after conception. During this time, trillions of neurons are produced, reaching a lifetime high before birth. Synapses – connections between cells in the brain – are rapidly developed, with memory beginning at only four months in utero. In this vital stage of life, it has been scientifically proven that is the foundational launching point for a human being’s entire life. The experiences, interactions, social connections, and words received during this once-in-a-lifetime developmental stage, are building the framework for the child’s future. Not only are personality and intellect shaped during this time, but also habitual thought patterns, identity, emotional health, and the ability to trust. WTTB™ is created to meet this core need in a healthy and life-giving way! Dr. Hilton has developed a series of teaching tools, that were meticulously designed with parents and grandparents in mind. Beyond in-home use, the easy-to-use format translates easily into individual and group settings, making it ideal for daycare centers and churches. With a vibrant and colourful display, friendly to use – Who’s Teaching the Babies?™ makes it appealing for babies and young children to receive not only education, but also validation as a significant and unique individual with meaningful purpose. Dr. Hilton emphasises that, “We can positively impact our future society if we are willing to invest into the babies and children of today. We can strengthen a generation to go against the odds of societal pressure and live successful and healthy lives.” Each baby is a valuable, precious, and worth the investment, as identity and destiny are established…one baby at a time! For more information on Who’s Teaching the Babies?™, visit WWTV or WWTBabies advertisement  
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Adult continuing education can improve their well being

Adult continuing education can improve their well being Adult continuing education is very practical and easy going. Seniors students have several advantages over children: better memory (truly!), experience and fewer distractions 1. Better memory Doctors thought that you could not grow new brain cells, so as old cells died you became more stupid? –Wrong. They now know that the more adult continuing the education, the more new brain cells you get. You can even delay Alzheimer’s disease by keeping your brain active and continue learning. But then you will say – old people keep forgetting things! That is a fact, because what you remember best are startling, new, shocking and thrilling things. To an old person it is a case of “been there, done that” – so there is nothing new or shocking. Continue reading “Adult continuing education can improve their well being”

Proper e-waste disposal and green environment

recycle With the rise in the invention of the new electronic devices, e-waste is becoming one of the rapidly growing problems of the world. E-waste contains toxic material that can affect to both human health and the environment if not disposed in a proper way. In 21st century, all countries engage in activities that ensure a secure environment by proper use and disposal of electronic devices. Proper e-waste not only keeps the environment healthy, but also stables the economy. Continue reading “Proper e-waste disposal and green environment”

4 career opportunities with minimal education

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4 career opportunities with minimal education Getting a traditional four-year degree no longer necessarily leads to a profitable career. With numbers of college grads at an all-time high and the economy at a serious low, it really is a tough job market out there. Instead of going to a traditional university, many are opting for alternative schooling that leads directly to a career. Surprisingly, there are many well-paying careers without extensive schooling required. Here are four hot career opportunities you can take advantage of with minimal education investment needed. Continue reading “4 career opportunities with minimal education”

Have a better career by being fit!

exercise A sound mind lives in a healthy body. This millennium old adage is true to every single word. There is no way you can enjoy the fruits of success if you have a frail health. For students, having a healthy body is vital for their future as in this competitive age everyone wants to put his or her best foot forward, and being physically fit is the only way you will be able to do that. Continue reading “Have a better career by being fit!”

Best student health insurance options

medical insurance
Which are the best student health insurance options? Your son or daughter is off to the big new world of college. He or she is moving out from the family home and will soon be on his or her own. Some things, though, won’t change, just like she/he may come home to do laundry or he/she will probably still send you a text asking for more money. Health insurance is one of those things that need to stay constant. Just because your child has moved on doesn’t mean you should stop insuring them.Also, the Affordable Care Act offers more choice and options on health care options for young adults, including college students. Continue reading “Best student health insurance options”

Best career paths for animal lovers

Best career paths for animal lovers People’s career path options are as abundant as their interests, with the diversification of the labour market, individuals can enjoy a larger number of employment and career options, which better correspond to their interests, skills, abilities and knowledge. Animal lovers who are in search of the perfect job, will be quite happy to know that there are literally thousands of jobs directly or indirectly related to working with animals, whether that be pets, domestic or wild animals. Continue reading “Best career paths for animal lovers”

Top 10 exam revision tips

Top 10 exam revision tips When preparing for examinations, it is important that you spend your time wisely to ensure you are getting the most out of your revision sessions. Everyone is different! One revision technique that works for one person, may not necessarily work well for another. It is essential that you figure out what is the best method for you. Below are some exam revision tips that you may find useful. Continue reading “Top 10 exam revision tips”

4 Tips to select the best CRNE prep course

4 Tips to select the best CRNE prep course The job of a registered nurse is one of the most ‘sought after’ careers in the health care sector today. CRNE or Canadian Registered Nurse Examination opens the doorway for graduates to enter this rewarding career. However, qualifying for the CRNE nursing entrance examination is an uphill task for most candidates. There’s an extensive syllabus to cover in a short time. Besides, particular formats of answer schemes are to be followed and MCQs are asked from different parts of the course making this entrance a tough nut to crack for the average student. A professional guidance on the other hand helps aspiring candidates to master the exam subjects and familiarize them with the exact format of the entrance exam within a short time. Thus, a CRNE prep course is indispensable for the exam candidates. Continue reading “4 Tips to select the best CRNE prep course”

Why would one like to be a registered nurse?


Why would one like to be a registered nurse?

You and your family are entitled to care that is respectful and responsive to their needs. In this sense, it is believed that registered nurses have that expertise and skills to undertake the role that encompasses support and enhancing their client-centered care across the health care units. Probably extensive is the best word to describe the scope of work and practice of a registered nurse. Their extensive responsibilities vary from one state to another and also on the institution they are working in. Continue reading “Why would one like to be a registered nurse?”

Top 5 qualities of Medical Assistants

Top 5 qualities of Medical Assistants There are lots of medical assistants in the healthcare industry in these days. They are an integral part of the allied health profession and because of this, they are expected to be proficient in three various areas such as administrative, laboratory and clinical areas of work. If you wish to be a great medical assistant, here are some of the qualities that you should have: Continue reading “Top 5 qualities of Medical Assistants”

Who is responsible for school bullying?


Who is responsible for school bullying?

The media tends to glamorize incidents that are extreme in nature and lack rationalization. One hot topic issue that has been trending in legal circles is bullying. This is because bullying in today’s world can happen not just on a school bus, playground or classroom, but at home via social media and text messaging at any hour or the day or night. In fact, even incidents of parent fueled fighting has created a stir in the news as bullying has really ramped up in intensity and occurrence. Continue reading “Who is responsible for school bullying?”

How to seek counseling help while at university?

counseling Many students find their university years particularly challenging, in which case seeking counselling help is the best thing for them to do so they can talk through their problems and find a way to cope with their depression or anxiety. If you feel like you need help to get through the next few years, read our guide on how to find counselling services while at university.

The growing strain on counselling services

Students who are finding it difficult to cope with university life, are feeling very homesick, aren’t used to such huge life changes or used to see a counsellor at home and feel isolated without their help will find it useful to seek therapy help while pursuing their studies.Indeed, Help Me Investigate reported an increase in the number of students in counselling in 2013, with 33% more seeking help since 2008. In some universities there has been a significant rise, such as The University of Glasgow where 130% more students were in counselling in 2011/12 compared with 2008/09. This was followed by Lancaster University and The University of York, which saw 127.62% and 118.34% increases respectively. This growth may be explained by more students being aware of university’s counselling services, as opposed to an increase in young people suffering from mental health issues. A University of Glasgow spokesperson was quoted by The Guardian as saying: “[While] it is true that there has been a rise in the number of students seeking assistance, this may – at least in part – be due to increased awareness of the services and support that is now available.”

Finding counselling services at your university

The first place to look when searching for university services is online, most HE establishment websites have information regarding the counselling they offer, and this can help answer some important questions you have about the facility. If you can’t find anything online, it is worth popping into your university’s student union as it will have pamphlets that will allow you to research further. Whether you take leaflets on the counselling service or read up on it online, this will help you understand more about what your university offers and help you make a decision about whether seeking therapy is the right step for you. Universities typically offer private sessions run by professionally qualified counsellors who are trained to deal with students who have issues with anxiety, depression, bereavement, self-harming, abuse, eating problems, stress disorders and abuse. You can usually book appointments by contacting the service and get an allocated timeslot to visit; alternatively, some universities have drop-in sessions, so you can just pop in if you have an urgent problem or don’t want to book a formal appointment. Some universities also run counselling groups, so if you’d rather discuss your issues or talk through ways you can help handle your problems with other people going through similar things, this could be the best option for you. Students living in accommodation at The University of Bristol for instance can attend a number of different counselling groups, from a stress management one to a writing therapy session. Students can also typically access lots of self-help information from their counselling services if you’re dealing with issues that you feel you are capable of coping with by yourself. Leaflets on exam anxiety, time management, relaxation and helping friends with depression are usually available, and simply reading up on the topic might provide you with the ability to handle your problems more easily. Workshops are also often available, offering students tips on how they can better manage their problems such as low self-esteem or having difficulty adjusting to a different culture – something that could be particularly valuable for international students. Once you have access to your university’s counselling services, you’ll be in a better position to choose a programme of therapy that suits you the most. After you have done this, you can be on the right track to feeling better and can begin to really enjoy your university experience free from any worries or anxiety! About the Author: Natasha Al-Atassi is an ex student and know how much stress you can go through in education, whether its money troubles or assignments. She works as an active part of the student community and writes articles on student finance to where to live at University.

Get the mentoring you need from online experts

business man hand touch business success diagram glass icon

business man hand touch business success diagram glass icon

A mentor can help many people of many ages with just about any subject one needs help with.  Getting direction is something that we all need from time to time.  Though many would associate a mentor program with young individuals, utilizing a mentor can help any person of any age, especially when starting something new or coming back to something that you haven’t been doing for a long time.  Getting a mentor can be the difference between success and failure in many cases.  It is important to have a mentor that has expertise into what you’re facing as it is typical that such a person can be of the most benefit to you.  How do you find a mentor?  How do you know that this person is experienced in what it is you need guidance in?  These types of questions and drawbacks can throw people off of getting the help that they need.  A person to person mentor is not easy to get when you’re dealing with specific issues that require specific direction, especially for an adult.  There is, however, and alternative method of finding a mentor that’s easy, effective, and in most cases, free.  Online!

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6 Ways for college students to relieve stress

6 Ways for college students to relieve stress College can be a stressful time for students wherever they may be. Not only are you becoming an adult and taking on some large responsibilities, you are also exposed to all sorts of peer pressure and newly found freedom. Finding a way to handle that pressure and get rid of stress is essential. This article will provide six tips for getting rid of stress while in college. Continue reading “6 Ways for college students to relieve stress”

You can work from home without training or certifications

You can work from home without training or certifications Working from home has many benefits – no doubt about this.
  • You don’t have to get all dressed up and instead can work in your pajamas.
  • You don’t have to battle freezing winter weather.
  • You don’t have to spend a good portion of your day stuck in or dealing with traffic.
Along with the general work-from-home benefits that all jobs have, each specific work-at-home job has their own set of benefits. Transcription is a popular work-at-home job that has its own set of benefits. There are plenty of websites that enables clients to quickly place orders online for transcription services, and transcriptionists can then transcribe these files from home. Continue reading “You can work from home without training or certifications”

Effective online education revision techniques



There’s no way of escaping exams, so it’s really important for students to find efficient ways to revise the information they’ve learnt. Revision is extremely important, since it enables students to observe their progress and get a high score. Therefore, you’re about to see some guidelines that should be applied by all students interested in revising efficiently.

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Your brain on visualization

vusual How long can you keep an attention to a certain object? -A minute, two …. ? Be surprised when you read that your attention span is 8 seconds!! …or one second shorter than a goldfish!! So when you show people paragraphs of text, don’t expect them to read it all. We are visual creature! You can see more on your brain visualization at the infographic:
This is Your Brain on Visualization
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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The first day of school: 4 helpful tips for parents

The first day of school: 4 helpful tips for parents   Sending your children off to school for the first time can stir up many emotions. While there are certainly new challenges ahead, you can take several preventative measures to ensure it is a smooth transition for both of you. Making sure they are up-to-date with their shots, looking out for warning signs of lice (and applying the appropriate hair lice treatment), and identifying any warning signs of bullying are just a few things you should be aware of when sending your little ones off to the classroom. Continue reading “The first day of school: 4 helpful tips for parents”