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Secrets for career success from the World's top Executives

Secrets for career success from the World’s top Executives

  Success is desired. Success is worked. Success is earned. Success is celebrated. Long before all this takes place, a thought takes birth somewhere in a young, ignited mind. Some follow this thought, some lose it on the way. The former are the people we all call successful because they didn’t let that fire die […]

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Petar Atanasov

More news in learning are expected to occur

An interview with Prof. Petar Atanasov, PhD Coordinator at the Postgraduate studies-New Media and social networks, member of the Centers for inter-ethnic relations, culture, media and communications, ISPPI, UKIM, Skopje, Macedonia, Professor of Sociology and Communication 1. What is your opinion on the development of the online education globally? It is a fantastic process. Not quite […]

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