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Picture this: You’re at a networking event, a writing class, or sat in a coffee shop with friends. You find the courage to tell the group, ‘I’ve got a really good idea for a story!’ Perhaps it’s a web series, an autobiography, a blog, a script, or an essay. Then some know-it-all interjects with a million questions— ‘what happens…who’s the protagonist…what’s the point of their journey…who is the target audience…can I read  your first draft?’ And your response is ‘errrr,’ because you either don’t know how to answer any of these questions or because you’re ‘working on it’…two years later, you’re ‘still working on it!’

This nano course documents the creative coaching consultation I had with Jonell Rowe — a professional writer, award-winning film director, and founder of Lionstooth Productions. Like Jonell, this nano course will get you thinking about the plausibility of your story idea through story structure so that you can develop a seamless narrative that resonates with your audience.

Whether you’re going for a milieu-based, idea-centric, character-led, or event-driven story; Whether you’re developing something traditional or absurdly abstract; whether you’re writing a stage play, screenplay, manuscript, some audio or web content—an awareness of story structure is a must.

Let’s nip the uncertainty, procrastination, writers’ block, and writers’ angst in the bud so you can write the story your legacy deserves!

Together, we’ll explore five fundamental elements of storytelling:

  1. Character
  2. Plot
  3. Setting 
  4. Theme 
  5. Writing style

Using the resources in the fillable workbook provided, coupled with support from the lectures, you will:

  • Establish the character profiles and character dynamics in your story,
  • develop a story structure overview, create a three-act, four-act or five-act framework for your narrative,

  • write a themes and sub-themes summary

  • and articulate your writing style and artistic intentions.

  • Then with further support from wider reading materials, inspirational videos and other content, you’ll have a boss blueprint for any narrative, which will enable you to stay on track with your artistic vision.