Become An Expert Manifester

Become An Expert Manifester

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Have you ever looked at the things someone else has or the life they live and thought, “They must be so lucky!”? The things we receive in life are no coincidence. They are brought to us predominantly by our thoughts and feelings. This Course is designed to teach you how your thoughts and feelings play into the experiences you are currently having and how to use it to start creating and receiving the things you enjoy and want to have in your life instead of just waiting for life to happen to you.

This class is self-paced. It is designed with one new tool to use each day for 30 days and an activity to do each day to implement that tool. Each tool takes 5 minutes or less to learn, and each activity is usually 15 minutes or less to complete. All of these tools are simple to learn and easy to use! They have been tried and tested by myself and many others that I have worked with and have proven to manifest things and experiences successfully.