What’s the difference between visual literacy and visual communication?

Most people often confuse visual literacy and visual communication, which is a challenge among the learning individuals and also those working. Here are some of the differences that arise from the literacy which is linked in education and the employment sector.

  1. Differences in definition

Visual communication involves the art in the delivering the message and information from one individual to the next. In the education set up, the visual communication provides an opportunity with the students to learn on how to use the various devices for communication, so that they can enhance easy communication and conversation between different parties involved. On the other hand, visual literacy is a system of learning that occurs through the sight. This means that human beings can be able to learn more easily through what they see. What one sees creates a long-term impression in the mind of someone than what they hear or read. Therefore, visual communication can be said to come from visual literacy because communication is one of the skills which is learnt from the various skills.

  1. Ways of learning

The two terms are different in the ways they are used in the learning process. The visual literacy is learnt through viewing or seeing the way the things happen and thus making the desired decision. Visual literacy is not aggregated with the degree program, but it is infused in the methods of teaching and through the specialization of the courses it can be learnt. The various programs which can infuse the learning of the skills include the journalism, communication and visual design courses. Therefore, their main role is to expand the literacy skills which might not be direct, but can still come from the study method. On the other hand, visual communication involves the learning of the basic skills through the art in the studies of the specific courses provided in the learning institutions. There is essential certification of the programs which are carried out in the visual communication because its one of the courses offered in the learning institutions. Certification of the learners enables them to enter into the various fields of study which are artistic and creative in nature. There is the ability of the learners to graduate in these courses so as to provide for the capability of performance in a given field.

  1. Occupational fields

The students who engage in the study of both visual literacy and visual communications have got different areas of specialization while they are the case of the visual communication, most of the graduates can be able to specialize in the game studios, museums, media, web developers and among other several sectors which are essential in regard to the degree accrued. This then allows most of the learners with the occupational skills that are essential in the self and nation development. Therefore, the learnt skills are well enforced in the possession of the certificates by the graduates. On the other hand, visual literacy is acquired through the infusion of the variables in the different courses, which are offered in the educational institutions. Thus, the certificates for the graduates cannot be easily separated from the core course that is learnt in the various institutions. This becomes an advantage to the students undertaking the courses which offer additional skills on the visual, which is very essential in the workplaces. One can be able to present the work in a beautiful manner through the skills learnt. The occupation in which a student can involve after gaining the necessary skills includes marketing manager, software engineer, educator, media specialist, technology coordinators and among the other occupations in the job market of an individual. Therefore, with the better holding of the visual literacy skills of the student, this will be of great help in the job market.

This means that a student will be able to open up the employment opportunities in the field of work which may require little training to expound on a given career. Arts which are involved in the visual communication allows the students to expand their skills in the various fields which then leads to the coming up of the various ideas and duties which are very crucial in the career development. Visual literacy too can help the learners to get the best opportunities in the acquisition of knowledge in the various fields of study. This takes little energy and time for on to specialize in a given field when one has passed through the various skills of literacy which are general. For instance, one may become a community educator whereby the skills learnt in the literacy lessons can be used in the creation of awareness among the community people in regard to a given topic such as farming.


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