The difference between traditional and New Age education


Traditional and new age education is very important to distinguish when you have kids in the house who are going to school. Your kids might need to find a tutor, or you might want to find a school for your kids that will teach them in a way that works best for them. There are a few distinctions to consider, and you will find that it is very easy for you to create an educational environment that is good for your kids.

What is traditional education?

Traditional education is the lecture style where kids do homework and write normal papers. They are asked to do projects that will show what they learn in their classes, and they are given traditional grades that they are used to seeing in school. You have to be sure that you are comfortable with a traditional education because it is all that they have ever known. You might prefer this education because it is what happens in most colleges, but new age education is different.

What is New Age education?

New age education is very easy to see because the parents and teachers can do many different things for their students that will help them learn. A child who is in a new age school will do more group work, have more chances for smaller grades, and allow the kids to build up their grades. You might prefer to use the new age model when you know that your kids are learning in different ways. The best way to do this is to ask kids what they would prefer to do when they come to school.


There are preferences that kids have that they take to school. You must ask the kids who come to school what they like learning, and it is better to see if these kids want to know things before you start sending them off to school. There are many people who will find that talking to the kids about what they want to learn helps everyone get on the same page. Getting on the same page changes the way that people operate, and it helps the kids feel like they are heard when they go to school.

Fewer papers and tests

There are fewer papers and tests in a new age school because the kids are learning things that are new to them. They can choose what they want to learn, and they can do projects that they have chosen. There are many people who could do great projects because they got the chance to choose the projects that they wanted. Kids who have some ownership over their education are more likely to learn better because they can learn things in ways that are actually effective for them.

Adjusting a child’s education

Adjusting a child’s education in the new age model is much easier because the kids can have their assignments changed based on how they perform. They can be taught something that is unique to them, or they could learn things that they have selected after filling out a profile for the class. Technology advancements today has made it easier than ever to find a tutor online. With entering the requirements, experience and skills, one can select from a variety of teachers that you think suit best for the children. There are websites available for the same from where you can find your favourite local tutor within minutes. 

Who would like a traditional education?

A traditional education is very efficient, and it helps the kids get work done quickly because they likely know exactly what all their assignments are for the year. They can read down a syllabus to find what they must do next, and they should choose a traditional path when they want to get their work done as fast as possible. If someone has not succeeded in a traditional path they can change to something else that will prove to be much more effective for them.

How long does the New Age method last?

New age and traditional education methods take the same amount of time. Kids are given chances to learn in both programs, but new age programs often take a little bit longer because the kids are allowed to make their own choices. The traditional method moves much faster because the kids are given the exact amount of work they need to do for the whole year, and that is why the teachers and parents must be careful when they make changes to what the kids learn. 


The kids who are trying to learn in school should be given a very simple way to learn that is aligned with what they love. The kids need to have a chance to choose what they want to learn, and they should be given the opportunity to do projects that are unique to their interests. They might prefer to talk to someone who understands the subject matter better, or they could avoid the things that they feel repeat material they learned earlier. However, some kids prefer the rigour and straightedge philosophy of traditional education.

Author: Helen Cartwright

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