Have a better career by being fit!

A sound mind lives in a healthy body. This millennium old adage is true to every single word. There is no way you can enjoy the fruits of success if you have a frail health. For students, having a healthy body is vital for their future as in this competitive age everyone wants to put his or her best foot forward, and being physically fit is the only way you will be able to do that. There is no denying the endless benefits of maintaining a fit and healthy body. A body which is not fit will not be able to deliver the necessary functions in the correct manner, hence making the owner of that body a laggard in every sphere of life, be it personal or professional. You surely do not want your name to be amongst the losers while your friends enjoy the best of the life, all because you were too lackadaisical to make the efforts for a healthy lifestyle. While as a student you still have the time to ensure a healthy body, once you are out in the big bad world, seeking out new jobs, it’s only your physical health that will keep you charged up and going against the daily stress and tough competition.

Employers seek healthy employees

An organization’s strength is its workforce. However advanced the technology being implemented, if the employees aren’t motivated, and lack the energy to take initiatives, or work extra hours, the organization can never expect to grow to greater heights. Maintaining good physical fitness can also help you gain an attractive persona, which can have serious consequences on your job prospects. According to a study done by Sylvia Ann Hewitt, an economist and the founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) in New York, looking like a leader is one of the requirements that employers seek in their prospective employees. The survey considered the responses of over 4,000 college-educated professionals and 268 senior executives.

Your physical fitness will matter in job search

If you own a healthy body, it will certainly make your job search a less grueling process. During your first few weeks of job search, you will be taking your body through huge stress, which can show during the interview. Needless to say, unless you have high standards of fitness, it can actually turn your entire job search upside down.  You definitely do not want to lose a match without even playing it.  Having a good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast is a must for the interview day. It is a healthy habit which will also help maintain optimum physical fitness throughout your career.

Physically fit candidates are more likely to receive promotions

Sam and Dev were two employees of a rapidly growing company. Both were intelligent and had great communication skills. However, after first few months in the office, work started taking toll on Sam’s health and he began taking regular leaves on account of his failing health. On the days he was present in the office, he spent half his day dozing off or procrastinating. On the other Dev maintained his fitness levels through various means such as Yoga, meditation and swimming, and was always overflowing with energy & new ideas. After six month, it was the time for mid-year review and promotions. No prizes for guessing that it was Dev who got a better score as well as the ticket to next promotion. Your failing fitness will definitely have an indelible effect on your performance, making you more susceptible to non-productive activities like window shopping on e-commerce sites, or chatting away with friend on social networking sites. The loss of concentration means loss of productivity and consequently loss of revenue for the organization. Most companies keep a close watch on such non-performing assets and start considering them dispensable, which definitely isn’t a good thing.

A healthy work-life balance: The key to a successful career

There are no two thoughts about the fact that professional life does end up stressing your body, giving rise to either unhealthy eating habits, or behavioral disorders or simply quickening the ageing process. Once you are in the daily rote of professional work life, you will find yourself shattered by the time Friday comes. To ensure that you don’t feel burned-out after every work day or week, maintain a healthy work-life balance, which actually means fulfilling the needs of busy lifestyle while maintaining your mental sanity and physical health. By adjusting your day-to-day activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can achieve a sense of balance between work life and personal life and hence gain healthier levels of job satisfaction. This will also provide a boost to your concentration and help you enjoy your work. Thus, those who want to enjoy a long and successful professional life, being fit and healthy is of utmost importance.   Author ‘s Bio: Saurabh Tyagi is a blogger and a professional career author with proven expertise in writing for topics related to jobs, job trends, different job opportunities, various workplace and industry information, tips and strategies for job seekers.

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