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Reading makes the world a better place! This is the motto of Kobo, which delivers the best digital reading experience, offers one of the world’s largest catalogues with millions of titles, award-winning eReaders, and top-ranking apps. Kobo is a global leader in eReading. Currently, over 12 million people around the world use one of our 3 highly-acclaimed eReaders to read, view digital content, surf the web, and have fun. Best spent leisure time with a good book @Rakuten Kobo.

Go shelf-less with your book collection. Our award-winning eReaders are comfortable, convenient, and designed especially for booklovers. We’ve even got two waterproof models, so you can read in the bath or by the pool without worry.

Discover benefits including:

  • Storage space for thousands of eBooks
  • Built-in ComfortLight for better nighttime reading
  • Easily customizable features

Our catalogue has endless choices, and it’s always growing. You’ll find every type of eBook imaginable, from yesterday’s classics to today’s bestsellers, as well as our expertly curated collection of audiobooks. Discover recommendations for books we think you’ll love—the perfect read is right here waiting for you.

Take your library with you, at all times.
Check the products by clicking at links bellow:

Feminist Dilemmas in Qualitative Research: Public Knowledge and Private Lives

8 September, 2021

 Buy Price: 69.29 $ How can researchers produce work with…

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Murder Must Advertise: Classic crime fiction at its best

7 September, 2021

 Buy Price: 12.99 $ 'Think MadMen in prewar London' The…

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Christian Chaos Theory and Other Collected Stories

6 September, 2021

 Buy Price: 11.54 $ As a writer, I've always been…

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FDR’s 12 Apostles: The Spies Who Paved the Way for the Invasion of North Africa

5 September, 2021

 Buy Price: 22.87 $ Nineteen months before the attack on…

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