Unmudl is powered by community colleges to connect learners to jobs.

Our Mission

Unmil’s mission is to provide learners, particularly working learners, with multiple pathways to learning and employment, with clear signalling as to the time, cost, and uncertainty of each. Via our skills-to-jobs marketplace, every learner can get skills to go from skills-to-job with the shortest, most flexible, and affordable path possible.

Our Vision

In Unmudl’s vision of the future, the high cost, rigidity, and uncertain reward of pursuing higher education would be replaced with an economical, transparent, infinitely adjustable sequence of lifelong learning stints in which the employer, college, and learner are in constant communication about current needs, and the system can respond quickly to each.


Get Skills. Get Credits. Get Hired.

Qualify for a better job in weeks instead of years with skills training & college credit.

No testing. No entrance exams. No application fees.


  • Access to in-person classes, instructors and campus facilities.
  • Select courses that are eligible for GI BILL & WIOA funding.
  • Pick and choose your favorite community college by area or subject towards a degree, certification or license
  • Take courses for credit towards a college degree or continuing education credits (CEUs) towards a professional license or certification                  Do you worry that a course you found on-line might be a waste of money or not be a quality course?                                                                        Worry no more, as every course in Unmudl is offered by a nationally accredited community or technical college with enough quality and power to get you a job, a better job, a promotion or more money. Do you need extra help because you’ve never been to college or went to a college and decided it wasn’t for you? Once you buy a course, whether it’s on-line or in-person, you can have access to the instructor and advisors. 
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