How SEO Reseller program helps your business?

      How SEO Reseller program helps your business?
As the Internet grows in size and sheer usage, so does competitiveness. Year by year, business owners are tasked with doing increasingly more to keep their businesses afloat and on top of their game – particularly in the world of SEO. Year by year, business owners are tasked with doing increasingly more to keep their businesses afloat and on top of their game – particularly in the world of SEO. That has not changed one bit this year. SEO continues to be important, as Google rolls out update after update making it harder for previous SEO techniques to be applied for better traffic, forcing businesses to rely more and more on organic SEO, or else suffer the consequences. As per Forbes, businesses have been aggressively expanding their digital marketing needs. SEO, as per Search Engine Land, is now a $65 billion industry. But, to businesses in the market of selling these techniques, it can also become increasingly difficult to earnestly offer them to companies who, while needing SEO, also need their SEO to continue to be mostly affordable. Alternatively, some businesses are looking to step up their SEO game, asking you to go beyond your capacity to fulfil a certain monthly quota on sales or traffic. There comes a time when the natural step might be to expand or get to hiring an expert. Instead of increasing your in-house costs and infrastructure, another much smarter and financially-viable option is implementing the services of an SEO reseller.

What is SEO Reselling?

SEO reseller services, or white label SEO services, are basically programs offered by SEO specialists to businesses looking to utilise these services as an extension of their own offerings, utilising their own logo and under their company’s name. To an SEO reseller program’s client’s clients, the original creator and implementer of any proposed SEO plans are never specifically seen or mentioned – the service is paid to be outsourced without giving a company credit.

The benefits of utilising SEO reselling

A reputable SEO reseller program from a firm like TechMagnate can help you deal with your workload in myriad ways: ●      It lets you offer an extended list of services. Right off the bat, employing an SEO reseller means you can offer a long list of SEO services that a single dedicated SEO hire can’t fulfil. This is invaluable, as it makes your business far more attractive to potential clients. ●      It costs less upfront. Instead of building your own SEO department or getting a few SEO consultants on your payroll, SEO reseller packages basically allow you to get more for less, to a certain degree. ●      It allows you to aggressively expand your client base. It takes a while to build an SEO offering. With a white-label service, however, you’ve instantly got one going. As per Moz, white-label also means getting access to the extended link building possibilities of your white-label partner. There are downsides, of course, for doing it all wrong. Specifically, employing cheap or low-quality SEO reseller services will only serve to your detriment, lower your reputation, and drive away clients. To avoid such embarrassments, you’ll have to thoroughly vet and closely work with your potential SEO partners. Because of the way it seamlessly integrates into any digital marketing offering, SEO reseller packages are extremely useful – and extremely popular.   Author: Daina Martin

3 Reasons why you should keep investing in your education

3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Investing in Your Education
3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Investing in Your Education     We often believe that once we finish high school and college, there will never be a need to sit down and learn again. Still, as the business world is growing at a rapid pace, there are always ways in which you can improve. And if you want to keep up with the newest trends in business, you should always keep investing in your education. We have come up with 3 reasons why continuous education is important and which might just get you motivated to sign up for a new course.  

You will be happier

We all know that learning can be daunting and take up a lot of your time. But every new thing you learn is always guaranteed to make you feel happier. Even if it is something small like a new card game, learning a new skill. But learning something that your business career can benefit from is a completely different experience. Not only will you know something new but you will also be able to employ it in your office and do better at work. Also, when you learn something new it shows you that you can improve even more and that any obstacles you believed you were there are non-existent. Not to mention that with every course you take, your employers are going to think more of you until you eventually become a person they can trust everything with.  

Your value will constantly grow

Becoming an irreplaceable employee is quite difficult. But, if you keep investing in your education you value will constantly grow and you will become a better employee. For example, if you can just sell products you are valued as a regular employee. If you can sell, as well as design and promote products you are guaranteed to be valued as one of the most important employees in the company. Of course, not only that but continuous education will help you grow as a person. The more you know the more other will be able to rely on you and think of you more. So, if you want your value to keep growing, you shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity to learn new skills. Leadership and communication courses are just some of the things you should think about investing in. Also, no matter what niche you are working in, business writing courses are something you can always benefit from.  

You will be more humble

Another thing continuous education helps you with is staying humble. And there are many ways you can benefit from this. Being humble will allow you to keep an open mind and become interested in the things you have never heard about. On the other hand, believing that you know absolutely everything will make you arrogant, which is never a good thing in the business world. There is something new around every corner and being ready to learn and accept new things can do wonders for your life. It will help you grow both as a person and as an employee. Also, everyone else will know that you always ready to push the envelope, which means they will constantly approach you with new ideas and opportunities. In addition, you will always appear more charming and easy to work with. Continuous education is something you should always be ready to invest in. Every new skill and lesson you learn will help you grow and move up in the business world. Having all of this in mind, you should always keep searching for some new courses you can take.  
Author: Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and a regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

How to engage modern learners in e-learning?

How to engage modern learners in e-learning?
How to engage modern learners in e-learning? When it comes to modern learners, time is of the essence. In a fast-paced world, they are seeking information available at the drop of a hat and they really know their way around the web to easily find what they want to know. So when you’re faced with an audience of users with shortened attention spans and/or less time available to get necessary information, how do you keep them engaged?

 Fit everyone’s schedule

If you want to make your program more accessible to anyone at any time of day, you will need to take the on-demand route (not unlike mega-successful Netflix). Your modern e-learners are seeking platforms where they can learn what they want to learn at their every whim. Waiting for time slots doesn’t appeal to this audience, as it may clash with their schedules or they may simply lose interest altogether. Pre-recorded and on-demand education works in your favour, too. You’ll be able to re-use materials across years, rather than bringing in new instructors each time to conduct new lectures.

 Welcome users back

Allowing your users to work at their own pace and on their own schedules may mean some erratic metrics when it comes to your average daily users. You may find that some users are very active for a few weeks, followed by an idle period for a few weeks, and so on and on. But chances are, your users will come back after these bouts of absence, and when they do, be ready. Make it easy for your e-learners to pick up where they left off, without penalty. Recommend some refresher exercises, but don’t send them backwards.

Keep it short and sweet

Structure your course content in a way that is easily digestible. Full-length videos and lectures have no place in the modern e-learners’ schedules, so break it down into components no more than a few minutes each. And when creating your content, just delve right into the need-to-know information and avoid the fluffy introductions.

Make it interactive

Develop some e-learning components that require participation from your audience. This can take the form of quizzes, practice exercises, or a rewards program that they can share on social media as they progress. Interactivity will also help with content retention, so users will be able to make the most out of their learning experience.

 Add some fun

One of the best ways to keep any audience engaged is to make the material fun. Often, this can take the form of educational games. A trivia-style component, complete with timers, hints, and rewards can keep users engaged at length. Content aside, the game modules alone might just be enough to keep your users eager to continue.

 Integrate social media

Adding a social outlet to your course is a fantastic way to make your users feel less isolated with their learning experience. Linking the program to social media allows them to interact with other learners while holding each other accountable for regular progress. It’s also a way for users to show off their progress to their circles (which is great marketing for you, by the way!). When you design your e-learning curriculum (and e-learning platform design), try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is tech savvy, working from multiple devices, and strapped for time. Doing so, will guide you to a strategy that will help you yield more user engagement. And once you have a strategy in place, be sure to collect user feedback along the way. Hint: you’ll want to make the feedback system brief and seamless as well, because remember—it’s all about time!   Emily Burgess is part of the team behind Course Guru, an Australian business specializing in online training and education. She likes to share her professional experiences and insights through blogging.

Social media spring cleaning for graduates

Social media spring cleaning for graduates When applying for jobs, it is customary to go through a mental checklist. A stunning CV? Check. Snappy covering letter? Check. Up-to-date LinkedIn profile? Of course. Appropriate Facebook, profile? That’s the one that seems to be catching more and more people out. Last month, seventeen year old Paris Brown, a youth crime commissioner, came under intense media scrutiny for the controversial content of her official Twitter feed. According to Victoria McLean, Director of City CV, this is proof that “all it takes is a few poorly judged status updates to well and truly stall your career before it has even begun.” These days, an individual’s online identity can be as much of a deciding factor in the selection process as qualifications and experience. After all, your social media profiles could be interpreted as the ultimate CV: personal, honest, and 100% you. Which is why employers are increasingly looking at the online presence of their candidates before making a decision. If you are a student preparing for graduation and steeling yourself for the notoriously competitive job market, then it is absolutely crucial that you get your social media profiles in order before sending out a single application. Says former technology recruiter Nick Bryan: “As someone who has reviewed CVs for IT jobs: yes, we look at your Facebook. And Twitter. And blog.” While it is hardly an exact science, evidence exists to suggest that certain traits (such as intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness and agreeability) can be determined through the nature of the content that people upload to Facebook. A wide range of personal interests and photographs of travel are generally well received, and even snaps of nights out can demonstrate an extroverted, sociable personality (within reason). However, a recent study conducted by YouGov found that 42% of university students are concerned that their Facebook photographs, status updates and comments may end up causing them some embarrassment when they go on to seek work. To further complicate matters, it has been found that in some cases, deleted Facebook content can be viewed up to three years after removal. The constant changing of the settings regarding security and privacy on Facebook also means that a user may believe their profile to be only viewable by approved members, but it is in fact visible to a much wider audience. In these cases, using your own judgement is vital. We would advise, as a rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say it in the office, don’t say it on the Internet. If you’d like further help with your CV or online profiles then call us on +44 20 7100 6656 or email We’re always happy to help. You’ll also find us on, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

4 Effective ways to prepare for a telephone interview

phone-interview   Before we get to the root of this article, you will need to understand the reason for the telephone interview. Most people think that the phone interview is what is going to get them the job. This is a common misunderstanding. When a company is considering taking on a new person, they will have many candidates who have applied for the job, so they conduct a phone interview first to weed out any candidates that are obviously not fit for the job. This is actually a good thing, as the odds are greater that you can get the job — if you make it through this interview.<!–more–> Continue reading “4 Effective ways to prepare for a telephone interview”

Top 7 education technology topics in 2013

  new-technologies The new disruptions from online learning platforms, got the universities “taken by surprise” thanks to Coursera and edX. The problem of the students’ debt and increasing costs are no longer a big issue, trending to become a thing of the past (years will pass until this issues is really no longer an issue, but things are moving in this direction). Some of the signs showing the movements in the education sphere are :University of Texas and Columbia University chose new partners or University of Virginia is temporary ousting and reinstating President Teresa Sullivan. This year put a spotlight on a number of terms that educators should be familiar with by now and should be working on improving further. These are the top 7 ed technologies that played significant role in 2012 and will be even more important in 2013: Continue reading “Top 7 education technology topics in 2013”

How to get your skills shown online?

online-skills If you are a recent graduate or a newly starting freelancer you want to showcase your skills online in an efficient manner. There are so many websites out there to do this. One of the newest applications to enter this market is the Enthuse website that has brought something new to the market. The best points about this website for new graduates and freelancers is its simplicity to use and view as well as the fact that it won’t cost you much to use. In fact it won’t cost anything. Continue reading “How to get your skills shown online?”

How to get a great internship?

How to get a great internship? Given the current state of the job market, many college students are growing more and more concerned about their job prospective when they graduate. A great way to not only explore careers, but to get your foot in the door with your dream company is through internships. They are an incredible learning experience and often help you land that full-time offer by the time fall rolls around.

Where do I start?

The problem with internship-seeking is many students don’t know where to start. Career centers are a good place to start and are found on most (almost all) college campuses. Stop by your career development center and have a counselor guide you through the different options that are available for students at your school. There are probably many programs that you can apply to that you’ve never heard of and the counselors are there for a reason! Maybe you’ll come across an opportunity that you’ve never heard of! Continue reading “How to get a great internship?”

Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use

Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use LinkedIn has changed the way individuals interact in their professional lives. Whether you are looking for a new job, a career change or business partners, LinkedIn is your one stop solution. The social job portal is designed to help you achieve and foster excellence in your career, business and relationship development. Here are the top 4 LinkedIn tips that will ensure a successful career path for you: Continue reading “Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use”

How to look for summer jobs online?

How to look for summer jobs online? Most high school students and teenagers are willing to make some extra money over their summer break. By getting a summer job – they do get that extra money. A summer job is available all in several places and Internet is one of those places that gives high school students an opportunity to find summer jobs online. Before you start searching, decide where exactly do you want to work, think about your interests, as this will help you in finding the right job, what best suits you, by also saving you time. By working at a place where you can find your interest, you will work efficiently and faster, which can end up in a higher wage. After you have decided about your interest and where exactly you would like to work over the summer, the next step you will take is to make the use of search engines such as Yahoo, Google or you can even ask Jeeves and type in “summer jobs” in the search bar given on that site. Many of the websites will come up with many links offering the list of temporary jobs based on specific time period. You can go through the list and highlight those sites which are offering  the job that you are looking for. Furthermore, you can also look into the online directories such as the Yahoo directory and Google directory for additional information related to a summer job in your area or place nearby you. There are also many groups on Yahoo that are focused entirely on a summer job, so you can also find summer jobs with the help of these groups. You can also search it through the various online discussion forums and blogs dedicated to students because these forums contain posting and the experience of employers who are actually looking for employees for summer jobs. The most common and widely used online social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn – all an amazing way to find summer jobs especially summer based jobs. Sites such as is a site which mainly focuses on seasonal and summer jobs and this can prove to be a great site to search for summer jobs. There is one more site Craig list that gives an overview of the summer jobs you can head over to this site and search through it for summer jobs. One of the most popular job sites on the Internet are Yahoo, Monster, Dice, and HotJobs, mostly there for some long term job placement,but you can still search it over here and try your luck for summer jobs especially in the month of June and July. Remember the Internet is not just a place to play games, socialize, but you can also find a variety of jobs through the help of the above-given links and sites. So, do not wait, make a full use of the Internet and start your job hunt for a summer job. Author’s Bio: This article is written by Allan Perry, a Researcher and Content Developer who loves essay Writers, follows various technology and web-based industries. She has been actively writing in Logo Design industry and has been followed by thousands of web enthusiasts.
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The importance of technology at a workplace

The importance of technology at a workplace At times, we do come across bosses, managers and leaders who do not wish to change and adapt when it comes to technology and modern world. They like their own style of working, their own thinking and their own operations. Many times, if it is not the leaders or the bosses, but also employees themselves who do not wish to adapt to technological change at work place. However, the modern world is all about accepting the change, improvising and finding ways to better productivity and workplace. These all can come from nowhere, but introducing automation and technology. If implemented and learned the right way, technology can also help improve human connectivity and relationships at work place. Continue reading “The importance of technology at a workplace”

Make a career in marine engineering

Make a career in marine engineering
Make a career in marine engineering The making of every boat from yacht to a massive ship like Titanic, starts from a marine engineer’s table. Marine engineers are the responsible for putting together and keeping the water based vehicles up and running. While the work may seem extensive, considering the size and complexity of machines, life of a marine engineer is very interesting and fast moving, filled with new problems and opportunities in every corner. It does not stop just here. The pay is amazing too! If working with big ships or keeping the small speedboats moving ahead is your dream too, you should also join the list of elite marine engineers like Joseph Bell, Robert Fulton, etc. They have created a big name in the shipping industry because of their skills and learning they received outside the classroom. Do you want to learn how to become a skilled marine engineer? If the answer is an obvious yes, keep reading… The coursework you will have to study and practice to become a marine engineer is quite extensive. It is true that it can be very difficult, but at the same time you will have practice for your goals outside the classes… being a marine engineer was never supposed to be easy. Here is how you can enroll to the studies:
  1. Choose the right college
A good marine engineering college is not the one that only makes you the master of basics, but it is the one that gives proper hands on experience on what the engine looks like, how it functions, which  problems can come out, and how to resolve them, etc. To shortlist the right college, make a list of the world’s top marine engineering colleges; check their course structures, and the feasibility of getting admission in them.
  1. Read about established marine engineers
Try to find as much information as you can, about successful engineers. Read about their career chart, problems they face, what innovative solutions they found and how, and everything you find interesting to help you increase the knowledge in this area. By doing this, you will see new light of this career, which will only give you an edge in better decision making.
  1. Network with industry experts
With the advent of social media, it has become extremely easy to network with someone whom you idealize. For starters, you can open a LinkedIn account and join groups having marine engineers and participate in the discussions. Or you can always follow them on Twitter.
  1. Know the recent events
Last but not least – the one thing that will undoubtedly help you is to know what is new in the marine engineering industry. It will give you a chance to show your knowledge among influential people, as well as help you find new ways to manage problems. Being a marine engineer will call for a lot of hard work and dedication. Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night and think about new solutions. You will get plenty of chances to practice what you learned, once you start working, it’s good that you start with these activities along your course of work. It all might seem difficult in the beginning, but a good college will definitely make it easily in the end. Best of luck!   About the Author: Tripti Rai writes on the behalf of, she advises students on right career choices, exam advices, educational institutions etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.    

How to study?

If you have effective study habits, then you might have are the keys to a successful college career. There are multiple factors that affect how well you retain information, so we have created the infographic to better understand how studying can be made easier. Here are some influences and tips to develop effective study habits.
How to study?
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Be a good Project Manager with these 5 skills

businessman Being a good Project manager means that you will have a good job and that people will recruit you and ask you to come and work for them. Having a good Project Manager means that you will have the job done in the most effective and the most satisfying way. Therefore, you need to be ready for such challenges and being ready means that you need to have these traits and things about you. Continue reading “Be a good Project Manager with these 5 skills”

CV should share stories, not only information!

CV should share stories, not only information! Once upon a time there lived a young man who was looking for a job. Well, you must have read such lines a zillion times during your childhood while reading stories. The only difference: those lines spoke of a king in place of a young man. And you must be wondering what this has to do with the resume building task! But this is what can help you land a great job and make you feel like a king! It is the latest trend of resume building, which still keeps the styles of these tales relevant. And if you want to make the recruiters interested and get a great job, it is important for you to shape your resume in a storytelling format. Continue reading “CV should share stories, not only information!”

Technology in science research

Social media delivers specific benefits to scientists that were largely unavailable to the industry just a decade ago. Did you know that 62% of scientists use social media as a way to share information and collaborate with one another? Also, the Internet allows scientists and researchers to build on the knowledge they already have by being able to collect data and find the information they are looking for. Discussions are easily fostered between groups from all over the globe, which allows your message and findings to be spread on industry forums. In the past, scientists needed to wait for magazines or industry publications to come out periodically in order to get news. Nowadays, immediacy allows scientists to reduce costs and increase resources easily. To gain more insight into this evolving world, take a look at this helpful infographic. You will be able to see the origins of social networking and ways that scientists can take advantage of technology to set them up for the future. Created by Labroots, the leading social networking website for scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals. Technology in science research Enhanced by Zemanta

Which skills do you need to get your dream job?

For employees who are looking to develop and integrate a new set of skills, to help them become more valuable, below are the five job skills, that executives in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia have selected as most important to them. So, now that you know what are the skills that are being looked for, you can adjust your wishes, needs and capacity and find the job that you would like. Go through the infographic and see for yourself how and where you score. Leave your comments, we would be glad to hear them.
Which skills do you need to get your dream job?
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Save your data with cloud backup management


Save your data with cloud backup management Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate no one would believe that there was a point where the computer itself was so big it occupied an entire room.

This was just a couple of decades ago and we have moved so far that computers have become so portable they fit into our pockets (considering the smartphone).

The option to store information has also evolved into what is now known as Cloud Backup management. Continue reading “Save your data with cloud backup management”

Why are education institutions under attack?

Why are education institutions under attack? Cyber-criminals intrude into higher education computer networks which are much faster than normal computer systems so they can use the servers to send out malware, spam and viruses. The criminals may try to break in so they can steal the personal information of faculty, staff and students. The biggest reason for network data breaches is so that cyber-criminals can steal student, staff and faculty personal information–identity theft. Some cyber-criminals break in just to prove to themselves and others that they can do it; other criminals break in to take advantage of the large bandwidth for illegal music and movie downloads. Some of these criminals have an unusually high level of computer and computer code knowledge, making it easier for them to find “unlocked data doors” that should have been locked by staff. Some criminals are referred to as “script kiddies,” or hacking amateurs trying to intrude with pre-written code. Cyber-criminals know that some college computer networks aren’t properly configured, so they try to find and exploit the vulnerabilities in that system. Created by the marketing team at GreyHeller.  
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Educational transformations in classrooms

Educational transformations in classrooms Technology has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives and can help us in many ways. The way we communicate with loved ones, find out the latest news and current affairs and most importantly, the way we educate in the classroom. Your child might be a budding Little Harvard, Yale or Oxford student, so it is important that they grow up in the right educational surrounding and environment. The incredible, transformative effects of technology have led to personalised learning experiences for students in the classroom. Technology allows tailored learning to suit individual student’s needs. A recent US survey found out that 74% of teachers use devices like tablets in their lessons, and 69% agreed that it enhances the lesson allowing them to teach in a far more effective manner. Continue reading “Educational transformations in classrooms”

Why making extensive background check on your potential colleague?


Why making extensive background check on your potential colleague?

Background verification is doing full analysis of a person who has applied for a job. This background check includes gathering of details and deep investigation. Companies often give the responsibility of investigation to some agency. In this post we will be discussing about different types background verification and their importance. Continue reading “Why making extensive background check on your potential colleague?”

How has the university changed?



As an employer I have constantly had cause to marvel at the poor presentation and writing skills of many of the young people applying for work. Application forms have been littered with errors and CV’s badly written. Perhaps surprisingly some of these applicants have been graduates and when I look back to my own days at university I have wondered how they have been despatched into the world so ill equipped. I was forced to question whether university had changed dramatically over the years and now that a good friend of mine has started his degree I am beginning to see that it has. Continue reading “How has the university changed?”

Social networks for firm business connections

Social networks for firm business connections In today’s digital age, we anticipate instant fulfilment. Technology gears linked to social media have altered the business site. However, these tools, as easy as they mark it to link folks with one another, cannot be the establishment of business expansion. Handling a relationship wholly through technology does not actually build rapport. Just ask any parental who has been referred to text messaging in order to converse with their children. Continue reading “Social networks for firm business connections”

Mobile cloud computing has given a new dimension to data storage

Mobile cloud computing has given a new dimension to data storage  Mobile cloud computing is simply a special platform that combines cloud computing and mobile devices in order to come up with a system where a cloud does the function of carrying out intensive tasks, such as storing a large amount of data. Moreover, in this system the data storage, as well as data processing usually happens out of the mobile device. Furthermore, it is very evident that the mobile devices we tend to use on daily basis, is marred with a number of challenges like; storage, which cloud computing, is trying to mitigate, battery life, and the processing power. However, mobile applications manufacturers have adequately used this architecture in order to bring out benefits such as; easy integration, improved reliability, and scalability, and extended battery life. Additionally, it has been bringing a great improvement in data storage capacity, and lastly there is an improved integration of data of data due to the ability of storing in one place while you can access it from anywhere.  Continue reading “Mobile cloud computing has given a new dimension to data storage”