Simpliv is a global online learning marketplace that transforms lives by offering online training on a wide variety of topics. Created with the aim of making education accessible to all, Simpliv removes barriers to education among all communities, imparts life skills to learners, and bridges gaps in learning through cost-effective courses. We believe that learning has no boundaries. It brings learning to any person who wants to learn, whether it is management, technology, life sciences, or any other subject of interest.

The courses offered are prepared by authors, educators, coaches, and business leaders. Whether you are interested in healthy living, nutrition, natural healing, computer programming, or learning a new language, you will find it here.

SIMPLIV – learn, teach, earn

Excel VBA-Resturant Billing System with Currency Converter

15 May, 2021

 Buy Price: 9.99 $ Design Simple Billing System Using Excel…

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ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 – Basic Understanding – Made Easy

14 May, 2021

 Buy Price: 99.99 $ Course gives practical understanding of the…

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The Easy Way to Write Short Stories That Sell

13 May, 2021

 Buy Price: 9.99 $ he Easy Way to Write Short…

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Cisco EIGRP Comprehensive Labs Course

12 May, 2021

 Buy Price: 9.99 $ In this course, students will learn…

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