Oxbridge is a distance learning college that empowers anyone, anywhere be the best they can be. We give people the supportencouragement and the tools that are necessary to succeed. We believe there shouldn’t be any barriers to learning or realising one’s true potential. Our main goal is to empower our students to gain real-world qualifications through ultra-personalised distance learning experiences. We strip away the limits to learning, which enables every learner to get qualified, accomplish their personal goals and attain dream lifestyles anytimeanywhereanyhow. How do we achieve this? We deliver all the necessary tools to succeed: award-winning materialsunlimited tutor support, and lifelong encouragement. The results? Self-confident and competent graduates with the world at their feet. We offer 250+ courses, from GCSEs and A-Levels to specialist qualifications in teaching, bookkeeping and counselling. Our extensive selection and expert advice give learners the freedom and conviction to shape their future. Making it easier to follow their dreams where distance learning is booming. Click to find out more about

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Our leading academic summer programs offer a uniquely comprehensive pre-college experience. Each one of our summer courses uses the city as a classroom with true experiential learning that takes full advantage of the local museums, historical sites, laboratories, and guest speakers available. Our students learn from top academics and industry professionals, live in some of the world’s best universities and immerse themselves in remarkable cultures. We also offer students the chance to perfect a foreign language through our language immersion programs in France and Spain. We are proud of our esteemed faculty and list all their biographies. Click at Oxbridge banner below and see more about the courses offered: