International Open Academy

IOA is your one-stop shop for professional development, personal growth, and goal fulfilment. We empower students to live the life they love by delivering diverse and easy to use courses right to your screen. From making a career change to exploring new hobbies or interests, we have courses to tackle a wide spectrum of life’s challenges.

Our courses are created just for you. As all study is completed online, you can learn anywhere, anytime, exactly as it suits you. Get comfortable and let us guide you on your way to being a pro! The courses are structured into clearly defined topics, contain detailed written instruction with illustrations and you can see techniques in action in our close up videos. Check out each course in more detail, choose which ones suit you and start building a fun and exciting new career today! These are the main categories where IOA offers online courses:

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Music & Film Events Manager

19 June, 2021

 Buy Price: 19.00 $ Start planning your dream music festival…

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Personal Assistant

10 June, 2021

 Buy Price: 19.00 $ Support a prominent person and enjoy…

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Dog Training Essentials

6 June, 2021

 Buy Price: 19.00 $ Start reinforcing positive behavior and put…

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Cooking with Kids

5 June, 2021

 Buy Price: 19.00 $ Encourage healthy eating early on with…

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