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gladiator pc

,,Gladiator” means fighter and we fight with passion. We fight for customer satisfaction, we fight for competitive pricing and most importantly we fight for unprecedented quality. We have an unquenchable thirst to always improve, always to make sure that we exceed our customers expectation

Gladiator Computers was born in 1999 and have been building award winning systems ever since. We know that high quality should not mean having to come with a high price tag, and so our reputation as a respected source for high quality systems has continued to grow.

In 2006 Gladiator merged with Aria Technology and has lived in Manchester ever since. By combining the PC design and production experience of Gladiator and the resources and components purchasing power of Aria Technology, we are able to produce premium quality systems at industry-beating prices.

Check the variety of choices below:

Gladiator PC
Why wait for your next PC? Gladiator PCs are custom-built within 3-5 working days!
Get a Gladiator PC optimised for the new Marvel Avengers game!
The Gladiator Behemoth, reviewed by KitGuru and given the Worth Buying Award!
Gaming PC Bundles - get a Gladiator PC with a keyboard, mouse, monitor, HDMI cable, headset and Windows 10 Home
Looking for a PC to play your favourite game? Check out Gladiator PC's 'By Game' section!
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