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We are committed to serving the evolution of consciousness and culture on the planet by building and nurturing a global, transformative learning community that brings visionaries and wisdom teachers together with passionate learners for the purpose of creating deep transformation at all levels.

Whether you’ve been on a transformational journey for decades, or are just stepping onto the path, you probably know that real change, lasting change rarely happens overnight. It doesn’t come from simply reading a great book or attending an inspiring talk. And even powerful epiphanies or spiritual experiences—as inspiring as they might be—are insufficient to transform deeply rooted emotional patterns and habits having a lifetime of momentum behind them.

So, what is the difference that makes the difference when it comes to human transformation?

At Evolving Wisdom, we’ve found that to truly step into a new way of being and embrace our full potential, most of us need four things:

  • A step-by-step transformational program
  • A structure of ongoing guidance and support from a teacher or mentor
  • Ongoing practice and reflection
  • A supportive community of kindred spirits who are on the same journey

We call these the Four Pillars of Transformative Education. And these pillars are the design principles for every course we offer.

In these pages, you’ll find descriptions of each of our course offerings. You’ll also find links to the websites of our different programs and links to our free audio seminar events. We invite you to have a look around. And, if you find a program that resonates with your soul, take a moment to register. Each of our courses has a 14-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and a whole new life to gain.

Since Evolving Wisdom started in 2009, hundreds of thousands of people have participated in our course offerings and millions of people have engaged in our free audio seminar events.

This is only the beginning. As more and more people are discovering the power of transformative education, our faculty is expanding to include many of today’s most sought-after teachers.

In 2017, we’ll be announcing several exciting new programs. To make sure you receive these course announcements, sign up in the box provided in the top right part of the page.


Evolving Wisdom

Our programs:


    Our programs on purpose teach the art and science of uncovering, exploring and achieving your greatest potential in life.


    These programs are designed to powerfully shift your worldview, uplift your approach to life and provide you the tools to thrive.


    We offer supportive programs designed to free you from limitations to love and to open new doors to the meaningful relationships you’ve dreamed of.


    Our programs in the area of Abundance & Prosperity are focused on helping you create the financial situation for yourself that best suits your desired life goals.


    Our women’s programs provide the tools, training and support that today’s awakening women need to realize 

Evolving Wisdom