Eaglemoss-Hero Collector

An exciting pop-culture hub specialising in books, graphic novels, figurines and models from popular franchises, including: Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Wizarding World and WWE. 


At Eaglemoss, we make things that people love.

To be more precise, we make things that reflect the things that people love. If a starship from the third season of Star Trek is something that announces to the world your love for all things “Trek,” then we’ll make that. If a statue of Wonder Woman ready for battle inspires you to take on life’s daily challenges, then we’ll make that. If a kit helping you bake a cake featuring favorite Disney characters helps make a child’s birthday extra special, then we’ll make that, too.

We partner with many of the world’s leading entertainment companies, including Warner Bros, Disney, CBS, EON Productions, BBC, HBO, WWE, AMC, Universal Studios and more. We also invest in the development of our own creative properties, including The Bake Box, Knit & Stitch, Baked & Delicious, Build a Model Solar System, 3D Create & Print and many others. All to satisfy the needs and wants of as broad a spectrum of fans and enthusiasts as possible.

To make sure that what we make is really what people want, Eaglemoss engages in detailed quantitative and qualitative research. Our teams typically spend 18 months developing and testing a new concept before launching and supporting it with an integrated marketing campaign to ensure high brand visibility and compel action.

Our website provides a fantastic new portal to the world of comic books, sci-fi and fantasy. Written and created by ultra fans and experts with real insight into the industry, the website features news, reviews, interviews, exclusive features and the inside track on upcoming Movies, TV shows, Comic Books and Collectibles.

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