Bujy’s Future Schools

BYJU’S FutureSchool is an online education technology platform that offers both private — one student to one dedicated teacher – online, personalized classes, as well as a close group online classes with one dedicated teacher to four students.

Designed to be a school of the future in our approach to teaching and how our students learn, our hands-on, interactive curriculum inspires creative thinking and generates creative outcomes.

Our proprietary, research-based curriculums include coding for students grade 1-12, music for students grades 1-12, and math for students grade 1-8 with additional advanced math classes in development.

Courses in science and fine arts are scheduled to launch soon.

FutureSchool’s interactive, online learning platform is now available in seven countries: United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Created as a school of the future, our company’s mission is to help transform children into confident, active learners and creators by inspiring them to explore and create mobile apps, websites, games, music, and art.


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