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Since 1998, Alibris has been connecting people who love books, music, and movies to thousands of independent sellers from around the world. Save money on new & used books, or find that special rare, out-of-print book from over 100M books!

Why shop at Alibris?

Alibris is the premier marketplace for Books, Music and Movies. We have been in business since 1998 and have connected millions of buyers with thousands of independent sellers from across the world. Shopping at Alibris means that you are directly supporting local and independent sellers. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, simple and affordable shipping, and the largest selection of books in the world. Read on for more information and helpful hints on how to get the best out of the Alibris experience.

Today, Alibris is a vibrant marketplace operating in the three fastest-growing areas of the worldwide media business: online sales, textbook rentals, and used/out-of-print books, music, and movies. Alibris thrives thanks to the loyalty of millions of business and retail customers and an incredibly capable and dedicated business, technical, and support staff.

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5 June, 2021

 Buy Price: 1.13 $ Shipped to you from Goodwill of…

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The Gene Hunters: Biotechnology and the Scramble for Seeds

4 June, 2021

 Buy Price: 15.85 $ First U.S. printing in bright green…

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The Saboteur

1 June, 2021

 Buy Price: 1.14 $ Very Good

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Lord of a Thousand Nights

31 May, 2021

 Buy Price: 0.99 $ Good

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