The Blues Rock Rhythm Guitar Course.

The Blues Rock Rhythm Guitar Course.

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“”The Rock and Blues Guitar Introductory Course” is where all the must have blues and rock guitartechniques and knowledge are laid down as a solid foundation. This course will concentrate on the structure and system that lays behind the blues and rock in respect of rhythm and lead techniques, formats and timing. It is written for the real world player who will be able to put all the knowledge to real world use in a jam night/band format. The structure of the 12 bar blues is looked at and explained in depth, as is rhythm playing in the “stretch” boogie style, delta blues style, Texas blues style, blues rock style and the use of the blues in classic rock playing. Dominant 7th, Major, Minor & Minor 7 Chords in the first (open) position are explained, shown and explored in all styles, as is the 1st position E blues and Minor Pentatonic scales, including a much used bolt on shape as well as the open A minor Pentatonic scale. The sheer breath and expanse of the Blues and Rock will become apparent in this wide reaching beginners course that will place you, the student, on the road to a lifetime of rewarding Blues and Rock based guitar playing. This Course will teach you the core knowledge and techniques needed in a fun and relaxed way utilizing nothing but first position (Open) chords, scales and riffs. There will be no struggling with tricky barre chords or advanced rhythm concepts (that will be covered in later courses), this is “Cool Blues Rock” for the beginner.I hope you enjoy it. Craig.


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