Telecom Project Mgr.

Telecom Project Mgr.

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Project Scope: Our customer is looking for an experienced Project Mgr. to oversee the Telecom System installation/conversion process across 200 offices nationwide. This person really needs to be familiar with telephony and knows how to speak the jargon, can coordinate phone sites, hook up phones (i.e. Move/add/change), make sure the phones are ported correctly, decommission sites, document the process, nad work with their phone vendor to make sure delivery timeframes are met. Other Responsibilities: Work on complex telecommunications system installations; including but not limited to large enterprise sites, multi-site deployments, hybrid solutions, and contact center installations Work with clients to gather information and set up porting from their existing carriers, and develop secondary port solutions Conduct a post-deployment debriefing meeting with the customer to ensure the deployment has met all the customers’ expectation Manage projects in accordance with contractual time, cost, and quality requirements Work with clients to i


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