C++ Standard Template Library(STL) ( Incomplete course )

C++ Standard Template Library(STL) ( Incomplete course )

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In this course I am going to discuss almost everything about C++ Standard Template Library(STL). We will learn every topic based on problem solving and we will solve 40 Online judge problem through this course. This course is currently incomplete. In Sha ALLAH I am going to upload at least 2 hour of content every week. As we are going to learn everything based on problem solving, your learning journey will be very fun and you will feel confident about STL for both problem solving and Interview questions. Through this course you are going to learnVectorPractice problems:A. Sereja and Dima ( Codeforces )852. Peak Index in a Mountain Array ( LeetCode )1502. Can Make Arithmetic Progression From Sequence ( LeetCode )Distinct Count ( Hacker erath )StringPractice problems:A. String Task( Codeforces )The Palindrome (HackerErath )Sum of Digit is Palindrome or not ( GeeksForGeeks )A. Petya and Strings ( Codeforces )A. Haiku ( Codeforces )LexoGeek ( HackerEarth )Map ( Hash map )Practice problems: Find the Frequency (Geeks for Geeks ) [Google interview question]Twice counter ( Geeks for Geeks ) [Amazon interview question]Sum of Digit is Palindrome or not ( GeeksForGeeks )Word with maximum frequency ( Geeks for Geeks ) [Amazon interview question]C – Good Sequence ( Atcoder )A. Tom Riddle’s Diary ( Codeforces )C. Registration system ( Codeforces )B. Radio Station ( Codeforces )RPLD – Database ( SPOJ )C. Boxes Packing ( Codeforces )SetPractice problems: Sets-STL ( Hackerrank )C++ STL Set 6 (set) ( Geeks for Geeks )Set Operations ( Geeks for Geeks )A. I Wanna Be the Guy ( Codeforces )217. Contains Duplicate ( LeetCode )A. Second Order Statistics ( Codeforces )MultisetPractice problems: Multiset Operations ( Geeks for Geeks )Multiset Operations ( Geeks for Geeks )StackPractice problems: balanced brackets ( Hacker Rank )Special Stack ( Geeks for Geeks )682. Baseball Game ( LeetCode)1047. Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In String ( LeetCode )QueuePractice problems: Queue Push & Pop ( Geeks for Geeks )Reverse First K elements of Queue ( Geeks for Geeks )Queue Reversal ( Geeks for Geeks )DequePractice problems: Deque Implementations ( Geeks for Geeks )Priority QueuePractice problems: Monk and Multiplication(HackerEarth)Monk And Champions League ( HackerEarth )REDARR2 – Reduce the array ( Spoj )T-shirt buying (Codeforces)Constructing the Array (Codeforces)


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